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Cristian Castro appears unrecognizable on Instagram and receives a wave of ridicule

Cristian castrothe famous interpreter of songs like “Blue” and “It’s raining stars”, published an image where he looks completely rejuvenated and ready to start a new year.

The photo is very simple. Verónica Castro’s son posed in front of the camera, sitting in a brown leather armchair, wearing a black sweater and very well combed.

Quite a spectacle accompanied by the characteristic blue eyes that from a young age drove his fans crazy. However, as soon as the image uploaded, Cristian Castro decided to limit the comments of the publication due to the accusations that there were towards the appearance of his face.

As often happens in this type of case, the image went viral, sparking a debate about the singer. Even Laura G, host of Venga La Alegría, shared the photo with her followers and theorized that it could be an April Fool’s Day prank. “Retouch or filter?” Wrote the Mexican.

Until now, Castro has not commented on the matter, he only shared another photo days later with the producer AB Quintanilla, who reposted it pointing out.

“I have had the honor of working with many artists as a producer, but I must say that Cristian Castro is an incredible singer, producer, arranger.”

This is not the first time that a photo of Cristian Castro has generated a stir on social networks. The constant image changes he has had make him a frequent trend on social networks.

One of the most notorious cases was when, by changing his hair to a blonde tone, many Internet users decided to compare it with “Beetlejuice, the super ghost.”

It all started when the Venezuelan singer Gustavo Elis posted a TikTok at a Castro concert and while the Mexican performed his hits on stage.Elis placed the image of the iconic character next to him.

The video provoked all kinds of reactions, including the disgust of Cristian Castro’s fans for the constant criticism he receives towards his appearance. But, despite the attacks, the Mexican has never stopped enjoying his body and appearance as he sees fit.

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