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Cristan Carabias, son of Ximena Duque, boasts with a house tour the house he bought at the age of 18

Ximena Duke.

Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Cristiano Carabiaswho is the son of Ximena Duque and Christian Carabias, used his Facebook account to share with his followers various details of the house he bought after making the decision to take a step forward in his search for independence.

In the video, lasting just over three minutes, the young man, who is only 18 years old, let us see that he is living in a very nice house in the city of Miami, where he enjoys everything he should have our first home.

“Hello… Here I share a tour of my new house,” wrote the young man in the description of his video.

Although it was written in few words in his description, the same did not happen with his video, having explained in great detail everything that he had inside his residence.

“I live in a house, two rooms, perfect kitchen, so I’m going to give you the tour,” said Cristan before showing the area where he drinks and eats his puppies.

Kitchen room

He then gave a brief tour of his kitchen, a space that is equipped with brown cabinets, stainless steel appliances and an island that can function as a breakfast area, but also to prepare food.

Dining room

Its dining room, which connects to a small patio and is made up of a rectangular glass table, has a capacity for six transparent chairs.

Living room

Its living room, which connects to the garden through a large window, is equipped with a beige sofa, a glass coffee table, a gray rug and a television placed on a wooden cabinet.


His office is made up of a desk with its respective chair, a coffee table, some exercise equipment, a chocolate-colored armchair, among other furniture.

master bedroom

The main bedroom, which has its own bathroom, is equipped with a large bed with a brown headboard, side tables of the same color, a television built into the wall, a large closet and a window that connects to the garden. .

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