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Credit cards with no annual fee cashback: check out the best

Payment facilities, as well as benefits, accumulate every day. This trend includes credit cards with cashback without annuity. In practice, the customer reaps two benefits: the financial return and the possibility of not having to pay extra for it in the year.

This economy comes mainly from the advent of digital banks, which attract more and more customers from the exemption of annual fees, which are still charged by traditional banks. This immensely benefits people who want to save on credit card usage and also get smart financial advantages in the simple act of buying.

What this article covers:

How does a no annual fee credit card work?

In order to obtain all the advantages that credit cards with cashback without annuity can offer, it is important to know how they work. In summary, this payment model is based both on exemption from common annuity fees and on earnings from each purchase.

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However, it is important to pay attention to the particularities of each credit card, as the benefits of one vary for the other. It is necessary to see with which companies they offer cashback partnered. Thus, it will always be possible to buy products with the opportunity to earn money back eventually.

It is worth listing the best credit cards with cashback without annuity, in order to find out how each one of them can better adapt to financial and shopping routines, from person to person.

With this brief knowledge, it is possible to use multiple cards, without worrying about abusive fees, and still enjoy the benefit of cashback for new purchases or financial uses!

digital card

In operation since 2020, the Digio digital bank offers its customers the opportunity to obtain up to 14% cashback on purchases at well-known partner stores, such as Casas Bahia, Netshoes, Renner, Centauro, Ponto Frio, Nike, among other product purchases.

But you always need to check how much cashback each partnership actually offers. The percentage varies and peaks at 14%.

picpay card

Picpay Card cashback credit cards with no annual fee pay up to 5% on each transaction. It is important to note that the maximum amount for monthly cashback receipt is up to R$ 50.00.

Meliuz PAN card

One of the well-known companies that offer cashback through purchases in partner stores. The PAN Meliuz card returns 0.8% of the value of each purchase, that is, of each transaction. In addition, every purchase generates a 1% cashback on new purchases made on sites that are platform partners.

Finally, PAN Meliuz also guarantees the opportunity to purchase coupons with discounts and more cashbacks for future purchases. It is essentially a cumulative service in terms of financial return.

C6 Bank

The biggest advantage of this institution’s cashback credit cards with no annual fee is the fact that the customer is automatically registered in the card’s points program. Every expense involving a credit or debit card already involves accumulated points.

In addition to the points not expiring, it is possible to exchange the points for a direct balance in your account, which makes C6 Bank one of the most interesting cards in this payment method.

BMG card

All customers who have a digital account with BGM can receive cashback with percentages of 0.3% of the value of purchases, in debit or credit. The biggest advantage is the speed of the transition. In general, the money is returned to the digital account within 7 calendar days.

In addition, BMG has a benefits program that can increase the cashback receipt percentage by up to 4 times.

Enjoying the benefits offered by companies that deliver credit cards with cashback without annuity is, after all, a double gain. On the one hand, it is possible to save because digital banks do not charge annual fees, as a rule. On the other hand, it is a stimulus to financial and consumer life to literally accumulate money to save on future purchases.

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