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Credit card with bad name Banco do Brasil

When we come across our negative name, despair soon hits, and we think that having a credit card with a bad name at Banco do Brasil will be impossible, due to all the bureaucracy that exists when applying for a card. However, it is not like that, and this post will present an opportunity for those who want to have a credit card, but have the famous “dirty name”.

What this article covers:

What are the requirements for negatives to apply for a credit card from Banco do Brasil?

For those who are negative, but want to have their credit card, this opportunity exists in Bank of Brazil, with simple requirements and in an easy, fast and practical way. To apply for a Banco do Brasil credit card, you must be an account holder at the bank.

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However, as it is a prepaid Ourocard card, which does not require a minimum income, credit analysis or consultation with the SPC and Serasa, approval becomes easier. The approval time varies from one client to another, there is no minimum estimate.

This prepaid card can be used to make purchases at various establishments, with international coverage, in addition to the person being able to put the amount they want on the card to use it. The card limit per customer is five, which can even serve as an allowance option for children.

What is the credit card limit of the bank of Brazil?

The limit of the card will depend on the top-ups. As it is a prepaid card, the person decides the amount that will be placed on each top-up, depending on the transaction they want to make in a given period, trip or specific situation.
This is great for anyone who wants to track all of their spending and limit themselves to a certain amount.

What benefits does the bank of Brazil credit card offer for negatives?

This is a card that has no annual fee, one of the positive points when applying for any credit card nowadays. Card top-ups can be done via the bank’s app, via the internet or via self-service terminals. It should be noted that these recharges are free.

What benefits does the bank of Brazil credit card offer for negatives

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It is still possible to schedule recharges for up to one year and change passwords at self-service terminals, that is, practicality is one of the key points when using this card.

What documents do I need to apply for a Bank of Brazil Credit Card?

To apply for a credit card, you must have your CPF, CNH or identity document (RG), proof of residence and a camera to take a picture of you and your documents.

Where to apply for the Bank of Brazil Credit Card

The prepaid credit card is easier to apply for, as it can be requested directly on the Banco do Brasil website. It is worth noting that you must be a bank account holder or create an account to apply for the card. On the platform, just click on “Order yours now” and follow the requested steps.

The Ourocard prepaid credit card is undoubtedly a great option for negative credit cards. However, it is worth noting that despite being a card with no annual fee, there are some fees that the customer must pay. Are they:

  • Card issue fee: R$10.00;
  • Monthly maintenance fee: R$5.00 (there are promotions that make the value stay at R$1.00);
  • Fee for withdrawal after the third withdrawal of the month: R$5.00.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the fact that this card does not allow online purchases and installment payments.
But if these points are not important to you, and you find yourself negative and want greater control of your expenses, consider this credit card option!

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