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Credit card generator: what is it?

A credit card generator is capable of randomly creating a sequence of credit card numbers. These numbers include the expiration date and security code (CVV).

Because it is a practical tool, it is common for the system to be used by cyber criminals. Although, IT professionalsoften use for testing purposes.

To help you understand the card generator, we have gathered some relevant information for you to stay on top of everything the tool offers. Check out!

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What is the credit card generator?

Credit card generator is a tool where you can generate credit card numbers with CVV and expiry date. With just a few clicks, a fake credit card is generated for testing purposes.

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Even though it is used for testing, some cyber criminals also often use these generators to make fake purchases on the internet.

What is the credit card generator used for?

The credit card generator serves as a tool that generates random card numbers. These numbers can be used to simulate virtual purchases, in addition to helping to develop websites, software and others.

How does the credit card generator work?

The generator works as follows: it is capable of creating fictitious credit card numbers. Such numbers can be from a real person or not.

However, the system is safe, because to make virtual purchases it is necessary to have the verification code or CVV that confirms and makes the purchase more secure.

When generated, these numbers, even though they may be linked to a real card, are random and each one is different. This means that whoever generates this number does not have the ability to shop online or clone a card.

How to use credit card generator?

Generating a credit card is very quick and easy. Check below:

  • Do a search for a credit card generator;
  • Choose card flag;
  • Select the due date;
  • Type or click on the CVV number;
  • Click “Generate”.

Depending on the site, the step by step may change. It’s also important to choose a trust generator, because even if you don’t need to put personal data on the website.

With the fictitious number there is the possibility of confirming that sales are being carried out and that there are no errors.

Credit card generator: how is it used by criminals?

Nowadays it is very easy to commit fraud and unfortunately anyone can fall for it. Experts say that many orders placed in retail are often placed by cyber criminals.

Therefore, those who have a virtual store need to pay attention to the purchase statement, as in some cases it is not necessary to add the CVV. Check if the purchase has been recognized, a way to know if the card used is fake or not.

Credit card generator how is use by criminals

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Those who commit this type of crime can face a sentence of up to 5 years in prison. Therefore, being careful with the use of the generator and using it for legal purposes is correct.

Some generators create numbers with names in addition to the verification code and expiration date. However, it is still false data for testing purposes.

It is important to be very careful with false credit card information, especially when it comes to a sale.

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