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Credit Card for Low Score: Check out the top 3!

Credit cards are certainly one of the most widely used forms of payments today. This is both for practicality and for the limit established by the banks. And with that, many people go in search of the best card to apply for, and for that you must have a score for evaluation, and sometimes this value is low.

But even with a low score, to the happiness of many people, it is still possible to apply for a credit card with a good limit. Just look for the digital banks that make it easier to acquire the credit function.

What this article covers:

What is Credit Card Score?

The score is a function of credit protection bodies that inform companies such as banks that provide cards, about the movement of that person in financial matters.

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With this, banks use it as a basis so that they can release the credit function for their customers. The Score ranges from 0 to 1000 points, and the higher the value, the more chances of getting a card with a higher value.

What is considered Low Credit Card Score?

A Score considered low would be when the person has debts in their name, which can play the value well down. Or in situations where there is no movement in that individual’s CPF, this causes the Score to drop or even remain at the same amount.

Below 500 points, a low score can be considered for requesting larger amounts of credit or loans. But this does not mean that the possibility of acquiring a credit card is zero.

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What are the 3 credit cards for Low Score?

Each bank has its assessments to make the credit function available to its customers, and this often does not take into account the low Score, as many release this function despite the value. And to find out which ones you can try, we’ve made a list below of the 5 best cards for low Score.

1 – Santander SX

This card is the gateway to the Santander Bank, considered one of the best for credit cards. In addition to its ease of approval with a low score, it offers several other benefits.

The annual fee for this card exists, but it can be reset if you spend at least R$100 on it every month.

2 – Will Bank card

Formerly called Pag card, Will Bank is the newest bet on digital credit cards. And one of the easiest currently for credit function approval.

It has zero annuities or monthly fees, and offers very pleasant limit values ​​even for those who have a below average score compared to other banks.

3 – International Card

Banco Inter is very complete in several aspects, and it is worth requesting a card from this bank through the free bank account it offers. In addition to a very easy to use application.

The card has zero annuity, and can offer interesting values ​​for low scores. In addition to the possibility of making investments in the application itself without a lot of bureaucracy.

Without a doubt, cards have become very practical for our daily lives, and with digital banks the ease of acquiring one has become even easier. And even with a low Score, many people get credit cards with interesting limits.

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