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Creative wedding favor ideas

At ideas of creative wedding favors are those who manage to escape the obvious. That’s right! They are not limited to traditional bem-casados ​​and sachets, but try to surprise guests with tasty, functional or beautiful “treats”.

Creative Wedding Favor Ideas. (Ilustrative Photo)

In order to surprise guests with a creative souvenir, it is necessary to value the couple’s identity and make the item useful in some way. People need to have the pleasure of savoring the memory, using it, or even keeping it forever.

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As creative as the proposal for the souvenir is, it is important that it does not deviate from the main objective: to immortalize the event forever in the memory of the guests through a special object or treat. The “treat”, always delivered at the end of the party, should also value the style of the ceremony, the chosen place and the time.

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creative wedding favors

Do you want to surprise your guests? So check out some ideas of creative wedding favors🇧🇷

pills of wisdom

Pills of Wisdom. (Ilustrative Photo)

The company Receitinhas de Alegria created a super cool souvenir for weddings: the wisdom pills. It is a bottle of medicine that contains motivational messages inside small capsules. This “treat” is sure to hit the heart of the guests.

Macarons in acrylic boxes

Macarons in acrylic boxes. (Ilustrative Photo)

Macarons are fluffy and tasty sweets that go perfectly with a creative wedding proposal. You can order these goodies, highlighting the colors of the party, and then present them to all guests. Don’t forget to put the candies in clear acrylic boxes.

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CD with special songs. (Ilustrative Photo)

A simple but very creative idea is to present guests with CDs containing the songs that accompany the couple’s romance or the party itself. Create a collection of hits and pay attention to the packaging of each CD.

selfie stick

Selfie Stick. (Ilustrative Photo)

The selfie stick is in fashion and the price is increasingly affordable, so it’s worth turning it into a wedding souvenir. Try to negotiate with the supplier to get a discount on buying multiple sticks. Guests are sure to have fun during and after the party.

gardening kit

Gardening kit. (Ilustrative Photo)

Does marriage have a sustainable proposal? So it’s worth giving guests gardening kits, containing a vase, seed and shovel.

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What’s up? did you like the ideas of creative wedding favors🇧🇷 Leave a comment. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles to make your ceremony or party more interesting.

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