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Creative wedding cakes for 2016

check out creative wedding cakes for 2016 and be inspired by these ideas. If you have plans to get married this year, know that there are many original, tasty and beautiful suggestions for decorating the party cake.

Creative wedding cakes for 2016. (Illustrative Photo)

The top wedding cake trends have already been announced. The year promises delicious delicacies and confectionery with a lot of care. Scenographic cakes are also on the rise, with the aim of making the event different and much more creative.

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Creative wedding cakes for 2016

The wedding cake is not prepared by chance to celebrate the union of two people who love each other. In fact, the first cakes appeared in Ancient Rome, as a way to attract prosperity and fertility to the couple. Some time later, in the 16th century, the structure with three floors was created, which respectively symbolize: commitment, marriage and eternity.

The cake cannot be missing from the wedding party.  (Ilustrative Photo)

The cake cannot be missing from the wedding party. (Ilustrative Photo)

There are some innovative ideas that inspire creative wedding cakes for 2016🇧🇷 The bride and groom, however, just need to be careful that this element does not lose its romanticism. See some suggestions below:

chalkboard cake

The chalkboard cake is a scenographic option that is setting trends in the wedding sector. It has three floors and a coating that simulates a blackboard. That way, the bride and groom can write messages or the guests themselves can leave messages.

A beautiful decorated wedding cake.  (Ilustrative Photo)

A beautiful decorated wedding cake. (Ilustrative Photo)

lace and ruffles

Some grooms want to be creative when choosing the wedding cake, but they don’t give up a romantic and detailed finish. It is worth betting on lace or ruffled details, reminiscent of the bride’s dress.

roll cake

Bolo de rolo is a typical sweet from the state of Pernambuco, which combines several layers of sponge cake and guava paste, like a roulade. This recipe has been adapted for weddings, that is, the cake gained three tiers and was decorated with icing and lace.

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flashy colors

That story of using soft and delicate colors on the wedding cake is in the past. The fashion now is to bet on bright, strong and striking tones. Betting on this idea, the party will certainly acquire a cheerful, fun and spontaneous air.


Cupcakes are on the rise.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Cupcakes are on the rise. (Ilustrative Photo)

Many newlyweds are replacing the traditional wedding cake with a tower of cupcakes. Individual cookies can be made in a romantic and delicate way, enhancing different flavors.

naked cake

Naked cake, also known as bolo pelado, remains a good option for weddings, with its rustic, elegant and modern appearance. It surprises due to the absence of coverage and robust decoration.

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Now you know good ideas of creative wedding cakes for 2016🇧🇷 Choose the model that best matches your style and escape the traditional to attract the attention of guests. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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