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Creative flower arrangements: how to do it, photos

Flowers are capable of transforming the decor, after all, they adorn the environments and contribute to a more cheerful atmosphere. In addition to contributing to aesthetics, flowers also provide a feeling of well-being and release substances that serve as a stimulus for pleasure. know how to make creative flower arrangements to beautify your home or any special environment.

The container leaves the flower arrangement with a special charm. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Creative flower arrangements: how to do it, photos

Until recently, the arrangements were mounted only in vases or cachepots, but residents are betting on more creative ideas for decorate the house with flowers🇧🇷 Bold and tasteful creations are already being used to decorate balconies, winter gardens and outdoor gardens.

The most unlikely objects are taking on the function of vase in the assembly of the arrangements, as is the case with the back of the bicycle, the old chair, the shovel, the cup, the drawer, the fish tank, the bowls and old cages. The look of the environment becomes more charming when everyday objects are transformed into floral arrangements.

Aquarius was used to assemble an arrangement. (Photo: Disclosure)

If the intention is to make the decoration more sustainable, then the flowers can be grown in recycled containerssuch as glass bottles, olive oil packaging, aluminum cans and used light bulbs.

Another way to renew parts through montage of arrangements is betting on vintage objects. These pieces preserve the old features and also have the charm of the marks of time. Flowers in partnership with period items will leave the space with a delicious nostalgic, romantic and delicate atmosphere.

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Photos of creative flower arrangements

See below for a selection of creative flower arrangement photos🇧🇷

Tips for assembling the flower arrangement

You floral arrangements are used in different contexts such as home or wedding party decoration. When preparing the project to decorate a space, it is important that the flowers are worked in a harmonious way, that is, with a perfect combination of colors, shapes and styles.

At the time to assemble a flower arrangement, the resident can adopt some criteria so that the composition is not exaggerated or compromises the look of the environment. Experts in the subject recommend working with a maximum of three types of flowers to make the arrangement, always seeking a balance with the colors that prevail in the rest of the decoration.

The choice of species flowers used to assemble the arrangements it is a very important issue, after all, any mistake can compromise the daily lives of people who experience the space. In order not to suffer nausea and discomfort, experts recommend avoiding arrangements with jasmine and white lily.

At natural plants they are beautiful ornaments for the house, but they need care. Therefore, the resident must be concerned with lighting and humidity to extend the durability of each arrangement. Check out some tips below so you can do everything in the best possible way:

  1. ARRANGEMENT BASIS: To start the work it is interesting that you have a basis for your arrangement. Always try to think about the place where you will want to put your arrangement to choose the best basis for the arrangement.
  2. CHOICE OF SHEETS: Select your arrangement style well so as not to leave visual pollution in it. Through the photo templates we’ve given, make your own choices to create beautiful arrangements.
  3. GET THE PLANTS WELL: So your arrangement doesn’t look ugly, it’s interesting that you leave it firm and together. To attach the flowers, you can use wire, thread, and the like to hold them together. Tie a knot to hold.
  4. ACCESSORIES IN ARRANGEMENT: In some arrangements you can use accessories to add more charm. A good tip is to use a rope wrapped around the base of the arrangement, it will look beautiful!

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Check out the video below teaching how to make one arrangement with roses🇧🇷


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