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Creative baby shower ideas

Pregnancy is a very important period for mother and child, and for those who like celebrations, the baby shower is a good option to celebrate the arrival of another family member, in addition to getting gifts and diapers for the newborn. Some creative baby shower ideas they can help with the decoration of the space and even with the choice of food to be served.

Clotheslines to decorate with baby clothes (Photo: publicity)

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Creative baby shower ideas

At list of creative baby shower ideas the cake could not be missing, which can be decorated with fondant or colored sugar candies. Baby booties, teddy bears, dolls and cartoon characters can be made from edible ingredients to place on top of the cake, and if you want a simpler option, you can write the child’s name with icing on a pastry tip. You can also prepare the cupcake recipe instead of the cake and innovate in preparing the toppings for each individual cupcake. In addition to being delicious, cupcakes can be used to decorate tea.

Capriche on the cake for the baby shower (Photo: publicity)

Baby shower: how to prepare a creative meeting

To prepare a creative baby shower meeting, you can innovate in the games and in addition to painting the belly and making the future mother guess what the gifts are, you can also give the participants cards with the words “I wish that…” so that they fill in with what they wish good for the future of the child to be born. Save all the papers to read so that you can read them to your child in the future. You can also see some tips for organizing the baby shower, in case you have any doubts.

Balloons on the ceiling (Photo: publicity)

At creative baby shower decoration ideas include colorful balloons and mobiles. The colorful green, blue, pink and white balloons can be released to hang on the roof of the house and give it a different look. Flowers also make the environment more delicate and cheerful and you can spread branches and flowers in small vases around the house. Clothesline-type nylon threads can also be placed in the rooms and used to hang bibs with funny phrases reminiscent of childhood, as well as balloons, stars, hearts and small toys. Don’t forget to also prepare fun party favors to give to guests.

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