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Creation of MEI Trucker is approved and changes taxation

After a few long months, the MEI Caminhoneiro is finally approved by Chamber of Deputiessomething expected since February 2021, but due to some changes made, the bill should return to the Senate, which should hold a new vote.

What this article covers:

What are the changes of the truck driver MEI?

The main change would be the limit for qualifying truck drivers, which currently exceeds R$81,000 and should go to around R$251,600 in annual revenue. An amount lower than the 300 thousand that had been announced by the government, when they launched the MEI truck drivers in February 2021.

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Through the MEI, all truck drivers will be able to have the opportunity to have reduced tax on loads, precisely because of the Simplified Collection Document (DAS), which have a fixed value, different from the Simples Nacional rates.

Was there a political motivation for creating this category?

The government’s main motivation, according to Tarcísio de Freitas, current Minister of Infrastructure, would be to avoid possible stoppages by disgruntled truck drivers due to abusive gasoline prices.

One of the main bases of the current president of the republic, Jair Bolsonaro, would be to make advances for this category, just after the government announced that it would be likely to leave the diesel aid of R$ 400 aside.

The truck driver MEI will be launched so that these workers do not have so many problems due to the increase in fuels, and only in February 2021, there was a stoppage on the part of them that demanded a decrease in these values.

Truck drivers now have the opportunity to obtain a National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), purchase tires and other parts that were previously not possible. According to Jorginho Melo (PL-SC), it is not a gift, it is simply a claim for all the years worked by truck drivers in Brazil, which currently have 800,000.

The MEI truck driver will help many workers in this area, in addition to being beneficial to the government to provide help precisely for its main electoral base.

It is important to have this benefit and be recognized as a MEI, in order to guarantee certain advantages that other entrepreneurs also have.

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