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Create your own widgets for your iPhone with iOS 16 • ENTER.CO

If we told you “create your own widgets” you would surely not know how. But since we know that you are excited about the changes that iOS 16 brought to your iPhone and since there is already a way to make a widget, we are going to explain it to you.

Now you will have an easy way to create your own widgets if you use an app to do it. Widgetsmith is that app with which you can create your widgets easily and without having to be an expert developer. This application has been available for some time, since iOS 14 to be exact. Now with version 4.9 of the app you can not only make widgets for the lock screen, but also improve the widget editor with new functions for these elements. .

Of course, iOS 16 offers the ability to customize the lock screen to a new level. You should know that there are three different sizes of widgets that are supported in iOS 16. Like text widgets that appear above the time or the circular and rectangular options that are below the time. Widgets are designed to always make it easy to move between different settings and customization options.

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How to create your own widget with Widgetsmith?


If what you want is to make your own custom widgets, then you must do the following:

  1. Download the app from the iPhone App Store.
  2. Open the app on your cell phone
  3. Choose the type of widget you want to create; small, medium or large
  4. Select the default widget (if you want it to appear at a certain time you just have to program it in Time Widget)
  5. You can also customize the font and colors
  6. Go to the “Style” option and from the list select the widget of your choice
  7. In the source bar go to the bottom of the screen (depending on the chosen widget the options may be different)
  8. In “Font” choose the type you want
  9. Select a color from the Color Tint bar. There you can select a tint.
  10. In the Background Color bar you can choose a desired color
  11. Then click the arrow to the left and click Save

Create your own widgets and in this way you can add a new level of customization to your lock screen on iPhone with iOS 16.

Image: Álvaro Pérez on Unsplash/Montaje ENTER.CO

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