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Create your own sticker for the Panini Qatar 2022 Album • ENTER.CO

The fever for the Qatar 2022 World Cup is at its maximum these days. And the tradition of filling the Panini Qatar 2022 Album is already a tradition. Whether it’s physical or now digital, there are many ways to have the Album, but now did you know that you can be part of it?

This is a very interesting function that few fans of World Cup fever know about. For this there is the MyPanini application that you can download from any Android phone or iPhone. Basically, here you can create a sticker of yourself or anyone by setting different features like frames, t-shirts, flags, filters and so on. It is true that this app has already been in the application market for several years. But now is when more improvements and renovations have been made to its functionalities. For this reason, the result of their stickers is getting better and higher quality.

So leaving aside the technical issues of the MyPanini app, the truth is that this app is simple and easy to use. It will surely take you no more than a few minutes to be able to make and configure your own chrome. Follow these steps so you can create it:

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  1. Download the MyPanini app

Go to the Android or iPhone app store and access the app to download and install.


  1. Once inside, you must choose the language you speak and the country you are in. So then press OK
  2. Click on the first box where it says FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
  3. Then go to the green button displayed at the bottom right of the screen. There you can download the necessary template to create your chrome
  4. Once downloaded, click on the + button
  5. Here you can choose the type of chrome you want to configure. You have the options Team or Legend.

Step 1, 2 and 3

    1. Next, you can choose the available frame (Take a selfie or use a photo from your gallery)
    2. Now decide on the shirt and flag of the selection you want. Edit your photo as much as you want
    3. To finish, enter your name, surname and date of birth and click on the green check to finish the process

To finish the creation of your sticker you will have to log in to the app with your Panini account created with your social networks. This way you can access the final version of your file. So you can have your own corm of the Panini Qatar 202 Album. It is important that you know that, if you want to export the sticker outside the MyPanini app, or to have it physically, you will have to pay an amount of 9.9 euros.

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