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Crafts Step by Step Easter

Easter is coming and there are many preparations to wait for the rabbit with the eggs and surprises, but to wait in style the best way is to make the decorations and the nest at home so that the rabbit can lay the chocolate eggs. The children have the biggest party when the rabbit arrives and they like to decorate the house, there are several ways to make the preparations for Easter by hand. A tip is to look on internet sites like www.artesanatopassoapassoja.com.br with several tips on various handicrafts suitable for Easter, you just have to choose the one you like best. But don’t forget to buy the material needed to make crafts🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Crafts Step by Step Easter

skills aside

Many people are born with special skills and they usually put them into practice so that everyone can appreciate their work, but since Easter is approaching, the most interesting thing is to be able to make something related to it. A tip is making a rabbit in EVA To give as a gift to someone you like, check out step by step how to do it:

Material needed to make the craft:

– EVA in colors: yellow, orange, white, blue, a can as it is in the mold, a pair of craft eyes and a black permanent marker, scissors and hot glue. Once you have the material in hand, just follow the steps as shown in the mold and your rabbit will be beautiful.

Check out the templates below:

Lot of fun

You can invite the children to make a rabbit together with you, they will love it especially if the cutouts and drawings are made by them. Do not let children use the hot glue to avoid an accident. Kids love to get into the party spirit and the making of handicrafts it is very important for them, because even if their motor skills are not yet 100% they do it with great satisfaction and affection. It is very important that you praise their work so that their self-esteem is high and that they have confidence in their cognitive development and in gross and fine motor skills. After all, what would Easter be like if there weren’t children to share their imagination with adults? They are the ones who make the world sweeter and with a lot of fantasy as if it were a fairy tale.

Crafts Step by Step Easter

Eggs and lots of sweets

Easter is remembered for the resurrection of Christ and to celebrate people present chocolates to those they like, but it is necessary to control children so that they do not become intoxicated with so much chocolate, having a daily dose is very important so that children can enjoy the sweets without getting sick. For people who suffer from some type of intolerance to sweets or are diabetic there are special chocolates so that these people can also be gifted at easter🇧🇷

Industries are increasingly specializing in chocolates to please all types of people. The interest is that Brazilians consume more and more chocolates, several studies show that chocolate brings benefits to people’s health when consumed in moderation. Chocolate starts to do harm just as anything is ingested in excess, that is, everything in excess is bad for people’s health. Even if you make your handmade easter eggs they should also be consumed in moderation.

Crafts Step by Step Easter 1

To complete:

When talking about craftsmanship, does not just refer to what is for decoration, as many edible products such as sweets can be made manually without being industrialized and are much tastier. As is the case with the chocolate and honey rabbits that are sold in Canela and Gramado in Rio Grande do Sul, artisanal chocolate production there is very large and well known for its unique and irresistible flavor. Get to know the taste of crafts by presenting them with lots of love and affection.

See below a video teaching how to make Easter rabbits in EVA:

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