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CPF Canceled: how to solve?

The canceled CPF can happen when an individual has two active numbers in his name, and the most common cause is that this registration happens due to theft of the document or even a registration carried out with incorrect information.

The ideal is to keep your CPF regularized with the Federal Revenue, since it is an extremely important document, widely used on several occasions in our daily lives.

If your CPF is not regularized or cancelled, continue reading this post for more information.

What this article covers:

What are the reasons for canceling the CPF?

The canceled CPF is the one that appears in the CPF registration status as “duplicate”, that is, the same person has two different registrations in their name.

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This, as already mentioned, can be related to theft or theft of documents, in addition to registration errors of the person, which usually happens in the change of name from maiden to married, in cases of divorce, or an administrative/judicial measure, when a Justice judge requests the cancellation of the document.

Therefore, in case of theft of your documents, it is necessary to register the occurrence with the police, since if your documents are used improperly, the bearer can prove that he did not have the documentation.

What are the consequences of a CPF cancellation?

The canceled CPF, as well as any other irregularity in this document, can cause several inconveniences, including opening bank accounts, receiving benefits, hiring a job, purchasing goods such as cars and real estate, in addition to not being able to apply for a passport, vote and participate in public tenders.

Can I still use my CPF if it is cancelled?

With the CPF status cancelled, it can no longer be used. In this case, it is necessary to request assistance from the Federal Revenue to regularize the situation and request a new CPF number. However, unlike some other types of status, where it is possible to regularize the situation, what is canceled cannot be active again.

How to regularize the cancellation of the CPF?

To regularize the canceled CPF, enter the page Internal Revenue Service and click on CPF regularization. Once this is done, on the next page it will be necessary for you to fill in some information in order to make your regularization online.

If you prefer, go in person to a Federal Revenue agency to request the regularization of your canceled CPF with the following documents: Your CPF number, Identity, voter registration and the police report, in case it has been stolen or stolen.

How to regularize CPF cancellation

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It is important to point out that if you already know what caused the cancellation of your CPF, you will be able to request a new document, but in the case of a cancellation that you are not aware of, at this same agency you can have access to further clarifications after request a new document.

It is also necessary to pay a fee of approximately R$ 7.00 to complete all the regularization of your canceled CPF and it is also recommended that you periodically carry out a consultation to verify your registration status with the revenue.

Where to regularize?

To keep the document up to date and avoid the status of a canceled CPF, simply go to a Federal Revenue agency with the necessary documents, or request regularization directly on the website.

What happens to my CPF if I move to another country?

If you live in another country, you will need to regularize your CPF with the Brazilian Consular Office, which will forward your request to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service responsible for finalizing and processing your request.

In case of death, when the death registration is done in a notary’s office, it automatically sends the death notification to the necessary bodies in order to request the cancellation of its documents.

Therefore, if you want to continue with your regularized CPF document, always check the status of your document with the Federal Revenue and in case of irregularities, contact us to resolve the pending issues and ensure that your situation is without pending issues with the agency.

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