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Covid-19 Security Measures at Obymed

At Obymed we have implemented all the necessary measures to create a safe work environment. We have followed the recommendations of the WHO and the college of doctors. Also, Our entire team is vaccinated against Covid-19.

We are continuously working to maintain this security and that the recommendations are followed to minimize the probability of contagion. The measures that have been taken are:

  1. Make non-essential inquiries telematically.
  2. Supply of gloves, masks and/or screens to the entire Obymed team.
  3. Minimum distance is waiting room from 1.5 to 2 meters.
  4. The patient will only be accompanied if he is a minor, has functional or neurocognitive limitation, disability or is a vulnerable patient.
  5. Reduction of time in face-to-face appointments.
  6. Guarantee hydroalcoholic solution before and after consultation.
  7. Patients with face-to-face appointments must come with a mask and gloves.
  8. Daily disinfection of the facilities.
  9. Implementation of sending documentation and results online.
  10. To the extent possible, we will encourage the use of electronic prescriptions.

All our interventions will be carried out at the Viamed Sta. Angela de la Cruz Hospital. There, high security measures have also been implemented establishing a safe working environment for our patients.

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