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Courtney Love Claims Brad Pitt Got Her Fired From ‘Fight Club’

According to artist Courtney Love, she would have played one of the main roles in the cult film Fight Club – if it weren’t for Brad Pitt and his desire to portray Kurt Cobain in another project, it writes Deadline.

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That’s when Courtney Love recently appeared on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron as she revealed an odd detail about the movie Fight Club.

According to the artist, she was initially supposed to play the female lead in the film, the character Marla Singer – a role that eventually went to Helena Bonham Carter. Love claims in the podcast that the reason she was “fired” was because she wouldn’t allow Brad Pitt, another of the film’s leads, to play her late husband Kurt Cobain in one of his proposed projects.

Courtney Love: “I stood my ground”

Love says that she reacted strongly to Pitt’s proposal to play Nirvana’s iconic singer, but that today she wishes she had instead let Pitt believe that she would agree to let him play Cobain, so that she could keep the role in Fight Club.

In the podcast, Love also claims that as late as 2020, Pitt asked her if he could produce a film about Kurt Cobain through his company Plan B. Even then, he was turned down:

“I spoke to him on Zoom and stood my ground. I said, ‘Listen. I don’t know if I trust you, and I don’t know if you make your movies to make a profit. They’re great social justice movies, but if you don’t understand me, you don’t understand Kurt, and I don’t feel like you do, Brad.”

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