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Cost to rent a flatbed crane – in 2022

There are some situations where you may need to rent a flatbed crane. In most cases, people need it only to move a heavy vehicle from one point to another when buying a new one or in the unfortunate situation of an accident. This type of vehicle can tow trucks and overturned vehicles in an upright position, vehicles that run off the road, and help unload cargo from one truck to another.

There are companies that have vehicles that offer multiple possibilities for lifting and towing trucks, quickly decongesting the place of intervention and meeting all the conditions imposed by labor protection when it comes to recovering and towing trucks, offering maximum safety.

How much does it cost to rent a platform crane?

Plan to spend around €110 per day if you need to rent a wrecker. Since insurance and mileage normally cost 55 cents a mile, you should expect to spend around €220 a day or even more on rent, depending on the size of the platform you want to get.

The average price of a basic trailer within five miles or less it will be between €40 and €130. For longer distances, 40 miles for example, the price will be between €130 and €290. plan to spend a lot more, between €180 and €620in case you need tow something for 100 miles. However, if you need a trailer for hundreds of miles, you must budget more than €1,000.

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Towing to a residence or a repair shop

Be prepared to pay the hookup price or base rate, in case it breaks down and you need a tow back home or to the garage. This fee would be between €40 and €120 orif you’re more of a mile typebetween €3 and €5.5 per mile. There are companies that include the initial five to seven miles in their base rate. Expect to see much higher rates in communities with little competition and only a few companies specializing in this type of service.

The price of towing trucks and heavy equipment

There are certain towing companies that add an additional 20% to 25% for towing a truck or heavy vehicle. For example, the flat rate to locally tow a regular vehicle would be from around €65, while the connection fee for a heavy vehicle would be between $155 and $180. The hookup fee for long distance towing would be around $80, but it depends on the company. The price of a trailer Regular is around €4 per mile and heavy trailers are priced between €5.5 and €8 per mile.

What are the additional prices?

winch prices

When it comes to towing a car, the job should be very easy, straightforward, but it can become quite difficult if the vehicle gets stuck in the mud. Obviously, in this situation, prices will increase. Make sure that the flatbed crane you are going to rent is equipped with a suitable winch to complete this job properly. The price of difficult trailers would be between €55 and €220 per hour, while recoveries that need a winch can generate an additional price of €95 to €110 per hour.

Out of Hours Charges

In some cases, such as emergency situations or holidays, you may need to rent a tow truck outside of business hours. Be prepared to pay an additional price if you rent the truck on holidays, weekends, or overnight.

What if I just need to lift some heavy equipment?

There are situations where it is better to hire a flatbed crane and driver, depending on your needs. Many of these drivers have a lot of experience lifting a vertical grinder or other heavy and awkward equipment. When requesting a price offer for truck rental, also ask about the rate charged by drivers and see how it would be more comfortable and economical for you.

Important things to consider

It is recommended to describe your needs in detail to the crane company so that they can help you with the ideal truck for your project. Give them your exact location, the type of vehicle you have to tow, and the reason you are towing it.

Be sure to remove all personal items from the vehicle before hiring a driver to tow it or hooking it up yourself. Also, make sure everyone stays safe, focused, and calm to avoid any trouble.

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