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Cost to lease a Lamborghini – in 2022

Lamborghini is a car that is part of the exclusive category, for self-respecting drivers who love luxury, quality at the highest level and want to have all the necessary comfort while behind the wheel. Lamborghini is for those whose driving is a passion, who drive with pleasure and who want to enjoy any journey.

Not everyone can afford to drive such a jewel on four wheels, which is why companies that offer the option of renting this car have appeared.

How much does it cost to lease a Lamborghini?

The amount of money you will have to spend to lease a Lamborghini will be influenced by a few factors, such as the model you choose and the area where you live. However, you must be prepared to pay between 2,600 and 3,600 euros per month. Also, you need to consider some other prices like additional insurance coverage and security deposit.

In the table below you will find the average lease prices for different Lamborghini models.

model name

Average monthly lease price

lamborghini urus

$2,700 – $3,300

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

$2,800 – $3,400

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder

$2,800 – $3,100

Lamborghini Huracan

$2,500 – $3,200

Lamborghini Aventador

$3,000 – $6,300

As you will surely notice, lease prices are heavily influenced by the Lamborghini model, but you should expect to pay at least 2,600 euros per month for this car deluxe. Also, before making a final decision, you should talk to several lenders.

Where should I lease a Lamborghini?

The Lamborghini company offers you the possibility to lease a car directly with them, internally through Lamborghini Financial Services. However, a third-party lender may be able to offer you better deals. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, which we are going to talk about in the following lines.

Leasing through Lamborghini

Ask about leasing options when you visit an authorized Lamborghini dealer. They may be able to offer you the best possible option through their in-house financing branch, Lamborghini Financial Services.

Each dealer has their own exact offer when it comes to leasing a Lamborghini, but in general, Lamborghini Financial Services offers very flexible lease terms.

These options include:

  • Leasing rates that are calculated based on the initial and future value of the vehicle;
  • No security deposit;
  • Low insurance deductible requirements;
  • Mileage limits are flexible;
  • Minimum starting cash;
  • Full warranty coverage.

Although there are many advantages, it will always be more expensive to buy or lease a vehicle from a dealer than if you choose an outside lender.

Leasing through a third-party lender

Most Lamborghini dealers have partnerships with private lenders. The quality of a lender depends on your dealer and that is why you always have to get information about the company you are going to work with.

In general, third-party lenders offer older Lamborghini models than what a dealer offers. But this means that rental prices are cheaper and the down payment is lower.

The advantages of leasing a Lamborghini through a third party lender are greatly influenced by the lender you choose. When looking for a lender, always be sure to ask about insurance options, guarantees, or special offers.

Leasing vs. Financing a Lamborghini: Which is better?

If you have 255,000 to 410,000 euros extras at your disposal, you may want to think twice before renting a Lamborghini. There are people for whom financing a Lamborghini makes more sense in this situation.

Leasing a Lamborghini

Monthly lease prices for a Lamborghini would range from 2,600 and 3,600 euros on average. In general, this is lower than the prices per month for financing payments. When you lease a vehicle, you are not paying for the vehicle itself, but for its depreciation in value.

If you’re not 100% sure a Lamborghini is the car for you, then you should opt for leasing. You have a few different options that you can choose from when the lease period ends.

  • Buy the vehicle for the residual value;
  • Upgrade to some other car;
  • Extend the lease term.

In case you want to buy the car you have been leasing, you can choose to finance the remaining amount.

But there are some downsides to leasing a Lamborghini and one of the biggest is mileage limits.

You may be limited to only 3,500 miles per year over the course of your lease, depending on who you rent the car from. You will certainly need a second car if you plan on doing a lot of driving during the lease period.

Also, leasing is the best option for new cars, because a used vehicle won’t have enough value when the lease period ends. So financing may be a better option if you want to drive an older Lamborghini.

Financing a Lamborghini

You can do whatever you want with the car when you finance it. Of course, you will still have to make monthly payments, but these will be more for the purchase of the car and not for the lease.

But, monthly financing prices are higher than leasing. Expect to pay between 4,600 and 7,600 euros per month, depending on the terms of your vehicle loan.

Financing is the best option if you are sure of which car you want to buy and plan to keep it for a longer period of time. Financing offers you many advantages such as modifying the car according to your preferences, driving it as much as you want and even selling it in the future.

In general, buying a Lamborghini is a good investment. If you maintain it properly, it can hold its value for many years.

How much does it cost to insure a leased Lamborghini?

The lender will most likely require you to purchase a full coverage insurance policy when you lease a Lamborghini. This will include both collision and all-risk insurance. In addition, financial protection for your car may be included.

There are some landlords who also recommend purchasing gap insurance. This insurance will help you in case of theft or totalization of your car.

As its name says, this insurance helps you pay the “gap” between the value of the car and what you still owe. However, this type of insurance is available only to the lessor and renters of a car. Although recommended by many lenders, this is not generally required.

Considering everything we talked about above, you should expect to spend between 550 and 650 euros per month on premium auto insurance. In case you pay it annually, the prices would be between 6,100 and 7,600 euros per year.

Do all insurance companies cover Lamborghinis?

There are many insurance companies that will not cover Lamborghinis for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is very precious to repair or replace such a car.

Also, the possibility of being involved in an accident with a Lamborghini is high because these are high-performance racing cars.

You may be able to get luxury or exotic car insurance for your Lamborghini, depending on the model. Ask your auto insurance company if they offer such policies. The companies that are most likely to offer health insurance Lamborghini include Esurance, Liberty Mutual and Allstate.

How do you get approved to lease a Lamborghini?

The lease application process is different and depends on the lender you choose. Usually, though, the first thing you need to do is talk to a loan company. They will give you all the information you need and will explain the whole process to you.

You may even be able to apply online. You will need the following information to complete the paperwork:

  • Your Social Security number;
  • Your name, address and other contact information;
  • The requested lease term;
  • Some other financial information.

After obtaining all of this information, the lender will review it and run a credit check. Once the information is processed, the lender will tell you if your application has been approved or not.

With a rental car, you have more time for yourself and your professional or personal activities. Also, the prices are much lower; You no longer have the same concerns as you would for your personal car, liability is reduced, and prices are generally lower. In a word, only advantages.

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