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CORE/SP: How does it work?

CORE/SP is one of the main representatives of SP in the commercial sector and has an essential job for anyone who is a merchant, not to mention that it acts to bring aid and guide those who have certain doubts about a certain subject.

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What is CORE/SP?

Core/SP is an autarchy that carries out inspections on commercial representatives, in addition to serving as a good guide, which aims to bring discipline in this area.

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This entity is governed by public law, with autonomy both in the technical, administrative and financial areas, without any assistance from the government, so that any and all resources have been paid as taxes by representatives.

How does CORE/SP work?

CORE/SP’s job is to carry out inspections on businesses and all representatives. Its function is one of the most important for the state of SPsince even though his work has no government coverage, he is supported by traders.

What do I need to register with CORE/SP?

To properly register as a self-employed person, you will need to have your CNH and CPF, in addition to having fulfilled your vote during all election years, be in possession of proof of residence, which is a maximum of 3 months with your name .

If for some reason you do not have a receipt with your name on it, just write a declaration and attach it with the information of the place where you live, along with your signature, date and copy of the receipt. For men, it will be necessary to have proof of discharge from military service.

How can I check the CORE/SP registration?

To check the main information, just call the phones (11) 3243-5500 or (11) 3243-5519. If you want to talk in person, just go straight to the São Paulo HEADQUARTERS located at Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 613, on the ground floor. You can also use e-mail, just send your questions to the following address: [email protected]

What are the benefits of CORE?SP

It will be possible to benefit from discounts for companies, among other registered services, such as pharmacies, gas stations, health plans and dental plans, in addition to having an insurance operator that may be essential for you.

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