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Coral Paints Color Catalog

At Coral color catalog inks are a success in terms of sales in the market, representing the first product option for people who want to change their house’s paint. Coral’s items are developed with high technology, bright colors that remain on the walls of homes for much longer.

Coral offers a multitude of colors for those looking for something for home renovation and construction. (Photo: Illustration)

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Get to know the color catalog of Coral paints

The company maintains a strong name in the construction area, manufacturing paints and selling to several stores in Brazil. O Coral catalog it also constantly undergoes updates, investing in new colors that manage to be successful in the decoration area.

Coral believes that for each type of application there is a special product, which is why it offers consumers several options through its showcase. Among the types of products that make up the brand’s catalogue, the following stand out: Enamel/Oil, Texture, Latex/Acrylic, Hammerite, Varnish, PVA Latex, Waterproofing, among others. There is no doubt that Coral offers all the necessary items for your construction or renovation.

O Coral paint showcase presents a variety of options, always seeking to offer consumers tones that cause a special effect in environments. The choice of color for the house or for the rooms must be done carefully, emphasizing the colors that are in vogue in the decoration area. Many people like to attribute a contemporary style to the residence, in which case it is interesting to contrast the colors of the walls.

Coral catalog colors

You can create a specific color for the painting of your house (Photo: Disclosure)

Separated by families, Coral wall paints manage to satisfy the preference of all consumers. The colors available in the market are: Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Violets and Off-Whites. The paints are capable of creating an incredible look on the walls, and you can also use texturing techniques to customize the painting. Access the link to see all the colors available in the coral color catalog: http://www.coral.com.br/cores.aspx🇧🇷

Coral environment simulator

Many people are in doubt when choosing the ideal paint for the house, there are many options for sale and this makes it difficult to choose. To make the combinations and evaluate them, you must try the coral environments simulator, a modern system that adds different colors in the same room as a test. In the simulation carried out on the site, the internet user chooses the environment (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, hallway, bedroom, office, facade), then the style and finally uses the simulator commands to make the modifications. Access the Tintas Coral website to do the simulation. On the page you will find all the information to help you simulate the colors.

Coral Paints see where to buy

See where to buy Coral products (Photo: Disclosure)

Where to buy coral paints?

Coral paints are present in several stores throughout Brazil. The stores contain a catalog in the form of a notebook with the different colors for you to choose the one that best matches the environment to be painted. For buy coral paintsvisit the best construction stores in your city and compare prices.


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