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Cooked ribs in Leif Mannerström’s style

Is there anything that tastes as much Christmas as boiled ribs? We turn to star restaurateur Leif Mannerström to share the best recipes for the Christmas table!

Photo: Tomas Yeh

If there’s anyone who knows home cooking and Christmas food, it’s star restaurateur and TV personality Leif Mannerström. Rimmed ribs are a classic on the Christmas table that can make even the most die-hard Christmas skeptic smile. The spade can also be used for more dishes during the Christmas holidays and contribute its powerful and wonderfully festive taste to several dishes!

For more tips on how to cook Christmas food from scratch, check out Mannerström’s Christmas cookbook which contains recipes for everything you need and then some.

Here below you will find Mannerström’s recipe for boiled ribs!

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