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Controversy in Mexican basketball: Juan Toscano-Anderson wonders why Gustavo Ayón hates him so much

Juan Toscano player for the Utah Jazz.

Photo: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Juan Toscano Anderson and Gustavo Ayón do not hide their differences through social networks and on this occasion the Utah Jazz player wondered why, in his opinion, Gustavo Ayón hates him so much. The controversy occurred with the classification of Mexico to the Basketball World Cup and in which Ayón shared a photo in which he crossed out the image of Toscano.

After the game in which Mexico defeated Uruguay with a score of 82-69, the Aztecs qualified for the World Cup and it was there when Ayón shared the image of the Mexican Quintet through social networks and decided to eliminate Toscano and, failing that, leave Gabriel Girón and Paul Stollthe other two players who appeared in the aforementioned publication.

The controversy arose when the ESPN journalist, Fernando Tirado, decided to publish a screenshot of Ayón’s publication and make the following statement:Get your own conclusions“. Faced with this reality, a fan wrote defending Juan Toscano-Anderson, however, the NBA responded by asking to ignore the situation.

But they don’t talk about it. Anyway, my life is very beautiful. Congratulations to my dear Mexico“Said the Utah Jazz player. Immediately afterwards, Tirado asked Toscano about his position and his answer was another question. “The only thing I want to know is why does Gustavo Ayón hate me so much??”.

It should be noted that Juan Toscano-Anderson assured that he is willing to play the World Cup with the Mexican Basketball Team and the current coach assured that he does not rule out the possibility of including the Jazz player in the World Cup squad.

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