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Control iTunes playback with shortcuts

If you like listening to music in iTunes, you may have noticed that iTunes doesn’t provide keyboard shortcuts to control playback when iTunes is running in the background. Other music players such as Winamp or AIMP offer this feature that may be interesting for many users.

The developer of iTunes Media Keys has released a public alpha version of its software. The software adds global shortcuts that can be used to control playback in iTunes.

To be more precise, it adds four shortcuts that can be used to play/pause, stop, and switch to the previous and next track. Default shortcuts are assigned to [Mayús ARRIBA, ABAJO, DERECHA o IZQUIERDA]. It also recognized a Logitech multimedia keyboard and automatically changed the shortcuts to the multimedia keys.

  • Play or pause: Shift-UP
  • Stop: Shift-Down
  • Next track: Shift-Right
  • Previous track: Shift-Left

The developer plans to add additional features to its software program, such as being able to rate songs and better hotkey integration.

To updateNote: iTunes Media Keys has not been updated since 2009, and while it may still work fine with current versions of iTunes software, you may eventually run into issues due to a lack of updates. The project seems abandoned by its developer. Please note that the program requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.

A recent alternative is iTunes Hotkey, another software for Windows that also allows you to create global hotkeys for iTunes. Basically, it allows you to select hotkeys for play, pause, stop, next and previous track using all available keys on the keyboard. Just run the program and select the shortcuts using the tabbed interface.

iTunes Hotkey is a free portable program for the Windows operating system. It is compatible with all recent 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

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