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Content creators will be able to monetize more with new Meta functions • ENTER.CO

Meta is working to help content creators have a better chance of monetizing their posts on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. To do this, it has developed new functions aimed at facilitating the creative work of more people. Additionally, these new features will prepare users for the virtual world in the Metaverse. Some of these available functions are:

Reels Play bonus program. With this feature, content creators will be able to cross-post their Instagram Reels to Facebook, reaching larger audiences and earning more money. In this case, Meta is also structuring the payments, providing creators with original and quality content.

Creators Market. This feature will be a place for creators to showcase their work so they can get discovered and get paid. In this same space, brands will be able to generate associations with other brands.

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Show NFT. This feature is already available on the Instagram social network. As announced by Mark Zukenberg, the goal is to now make it available on Facebook so creators can cross-post on both platforms. The feature will initially only be available in the US, but will be released to the rest of the world later.

Facebook Stars For Fans. Stars on Facebook are a way for content creators to show their fans’ support for their creations. Instead of liking, fans can buy stars and send them to their favorite creators. Creators with a minimum of 1,000 followers in the last two months are eligible to be on Facebook Stars.

Interoperable subscriptions. This functionality serves creators who have followers on all Meta platforms, create groups that make it easy for them to receive payments on other platforms. They will be able to offer their followers access to exclusive content on Facebook and will facilitate the creation of communities on Facebook.

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