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Contacts for installment, discharge or leasing of your vehicle

In order to cover all calls, in addition to the Itaú Financing telephone, the institution has several other means of contact to meet the demand of its customers. Therefore, before carrying out the interaction with the bank, it is necessary to know what you want to discuss in order to choose the efficient contact.

Today, Itaú Unibanco is considered one of the most active in Brazil. Due to its growth, the institution seeks to create many modalities. One of them is focused only on car and real estate financing.

In addition to customer services, Itaú Financiamentos seeks to build a complete Call Center. Learn more below about Itaú Financiamento Telephone and its other efficient contact methods.

What this article covers:

Itaú Financing phone: vehicle financing and leasing

Itaú is currently capable of offering thousands of products to customers. In view of this, in order to better serve its consumers, a strong communication scheme was created, with several means of contact.

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The first one, and also the most used, is Itaú FinanciamentoPhone. Through it, it is possible to deal with vehicle financing and leasing matters. To talk to them through the switchboard, just choose the most relevant option. It is important to consider your case before contacting us.

Call center

To communicate with the Call Center about financing and leasing issues, it is important to know what type of contract was made. In the case of contracts made with the Itaucredthe Itaú Financiamentos phone number is 4002 0234 for metropolitan areas and 0800 729 0234 for all of Brazil.

It is possible to get service during business hours during the week and on Saturdays until 3 pm. This schedule applies to all other numbers.

For Unibanco contracts, the service number is defined as 4004 3073 for residents of metropolitan regions and 0800 722 3073 for other locations in Brazil. Finally, for those contracting Banco Fiat services, the Itaú Financiamentos phone number was defined with the number 0800 723 4224.

Whatsapp for Itaú account holders

Itaú, seeking to update itself every day and offer the best contact methods to its customers, defined the method through WhatsApp. Thus, account holders can talk to the bank’s Artificial Intelligence to answer questions about renegotiations, balance inquiries and other information.

To contact WhatsApp Itaú, just add the number 11 4004 4828 to your phone contacts and type ”hi” through the WhatsApp application. Thus, the automatic answer will start in a few seconds.


If necessary, Itaú Financiamentos customers also have the option of a SAC service. This modality is usually accessed by people who need a specific and quick service.

To access SAC Itaú, just look for the ”Fale Conosco” icon on the institution’s social networks or call the number 0800 728 0728. This number is available 24 hours a day.

Hearing/Speech Impaired

For better inclusion, Itaú provides specific assistance for cases of hearing and speech impaired. In this case, the telephone 4004 1999 can be used 24 hours a day for residents of metropolitan regions and 0800 721 1999 for other locations in the country.


Contacting the Ombudsman can be done in two ways. The first is directly through Itaú Financiamento Telephone, with the number 0800 570 0011. Assistance is possible during business hours on business days only.

You can also get in touch by message, through the link. After accessing it, it is necessary to enter some information and then type the message to be analyzed by the Ombudsman.

What are the services offered by Itaú Financing?

Itaú Financiamentos offers a very large list of services. The main and most used ones are:

  • Credit cards and bills;
  • Personal loan;
  • Payroll loans;
  • Secured credit for real estate;
  • Bonds and insurance;
  • Boletos;
  • Microcredit;
  • Credit advance.

The complete list of Itaú Financiamentos services can be found on the website. In this environment it is possible to visualize the advantages and credit simulations.

Itau Application

Itaú Financiamentos is also responsible for creating various applications, with the aim of contributing to users. For better online convenience, the following applications are available: Itaú, Itaú Light, Itaucard, Itaú Empresas, Itaú Abreconta and Itaú Personnalité.

Itaú works to be able to serve all its customers satisfactorily. If you have any doubts, you can get more information on the institution’s website, contact the quick SAC or look for the branch closest to your home.

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