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Consuming less meat is urgent, says study

Lose weightimproving intestinal flora, reducing the risk of having cancer or heart disease are just some of the positive aspects of consume less meat.

To these we can add the improvement of our eco-system and the extension of the life of our planet. It is a case to say that there are only advantages in replacing beef steak with a portion of seitan or even a mix of sautéed vegetables, very tasty.

Consuming less meat will make you feel better about yourself and ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy a more balanced and sustainable world.

Eat Less Meat: Why It’s Important

A study published in the scientific journal Nature advocates some measures aimed at reducing meat consumption so as not to jeopardize the sustainability of the entire system.

In order to have a more concrete idea of ​​the situation, in western countries alone, it would be necessary to reduce the consumption of beef by 90%, to avoid dangerous changes in the environment.

Preventing “climate meltdown”, for example, requires a major reduction in the consumption of meat, as well as other animal products.

The published research is based on a recent report on the environment, the responsibility of the United Nations, and where the agricultural industry is identified as one of the main causes of the greatest environmental damage, namely, due to the emission of greenhouse gases, deforestation, the quantities of water used and the contamination of underground aquifers.

According to this same survey, the forecast is that the population will increase by 2.3 billion by 2050, that is, to reach 9.8 billion inhabitants on planet Earth.

Thus, it is easy to see that this same population growth will become absolutely incompatible with raising animals in sufficient numbers for human consumption, which is why it is essential that diets, especially in Western countries, adapt to new realities.

This adaptation process involves drastically reducing meat consumption, replacing animal protein, namely with vegetables and legumes.

In numbers, the study proposes that each citizen should, on average, reduce 75% of their consumption of beef, 90% of pork and 50% of the amount of eggs. The consumption of legumes should triple, while the consumption of nuts and seeds should quadruple.

nutrition education

For researchers, moving from words to deeds is also up to governments, who must take measures such as investing in food education policies; create taxes on products of animal origin; provide subsidies for sustainable food production; promote changes in the menus of schools and hospitals.

However, products of agricultural origin also deserve attention from this investigation and must also undergo changes, namely by reducing the use of fertilizers; encouraging agriculture in poorer regions of the world; and increasing universal water supplies.

Countries like the Netherlands or Israel are already putting some of these measures into practice, but there is clearly still a long way to go.

How to consume less meat?

Of course, anyone who appreciates a very juicy steak may find it difficult to reduce its consumption. However, in addition to being an environmentally friendly initiative, it will also be a beneficial step for your health that will show significant improvements. To help you reach this goal of reducing your animal protein intake, we’ve put together some tips.

learn to eat less meat


Set the amount of meat to eat per week

Plan your meals and progressively make animal protein not the main element in your dishes. Prepare, for example, a very rich salad with pieces of chicken or make a vegetable soup with a little meat and, slowly, you will combine fresh ingredients with animal protein, rich in vitamins, minerals and other substances that, in addition to benefiting your organism, will educate your palate.

Moreover, experts recommend eating a maximum of two steaks a week, so for the rest of your daily meals you should opt for white meat, fish or even pure dishes. vegan.


Go vegan… even for a day

Establish one day a week without meat and completely dedicated to vegetarian recipes. This is the proposal of the movement Meatless Monday and, in fact, this is an excellent challenge to explore alternative solutions to animal protein and discover how it is possible to eat rich and tasty dishes only with vegetables, legumes and grains.


Gradually reduce meat intake

You shouldn’t have a radical attitude and stop eating meat from one moment to the next. The suggestion is that you gradually eliminate this ingredient from your daily diet. You can start, for example, by giving up red meat; then white meat; next, the fish; until having a diet based only on vegetable proteins, present in soy, beans, chickpeas, mushrooms and oilseeds.


Find good substitutes

The pleasure of eating is not only in the aromas and flavors, but also in the consistency of the food. Therefore, it is essential that you find good substitutes for that piece of meat that you love so much. Surprising as it may seem, cooking squash or sweet potatoes can be equally delicious and filling, making for beautiful dishes full of spice and texture.

With the tips that we have left you on how to consume less meat, we are sure that you will be able to achieve this purpose, which, in fact, should be a goal on a world scale. Therefore, let’s try, each one of us, to operate our individual change and, by the way, to encourage changes with those who are closest to us.

For example, educate your children based on these principles and make them citizens that are better prepared for the future, more aware and, above all, more respectful of Mother Nature. Consuming less meat will make them happier men and women and able to preserve this planet for generations to come.

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