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Consultation of the 6th installment of Emergency Aid is now available

Month by month, the government carries out checks on the records of each Brazilian, in order to know whether or not it is still necessary to proceed with payments of Emergency Aid. If so, those who will receive the 6th installment can consult it on the DatePrev🇧🇷

Payments for this new cycle will take place in a few weeks, so it is important to check directly on the website if you remain eligible to receive the next installment of the program.

What this article covers:

In 2021, did you have an Emergency Aid record?

Do not. The federal government chose not to open the program for more people to enter, since the Emergency Aid amounts are above the budget. It means, therefore, that only people who were included in the Aid last year continued to receive the new amounts.

Source/Reproduction: consultaauxilio.cidadania.gov.br

However, many Brazilians stopped receiving Emergency Aid because they were no longer eligible from 2020 to 2021, and this is due to the fact that the rules were changed in order to avoid paying too much for those who really don’t need it.

Precisely for this reason, those who receive more than one minimum wage definitely leave the program. The inspection became stricter and families with only R$ 550.00 will have the right to have the amounts deposited in Caixa Tem’s digital account.

Check out the minimum requirements to be eligible for Emergency Aid:

  • Emergency Aid received in 2020;
  • Not having more than half the minimum wage, R$ 550.00;
  • Has monthly income of up to three minimum wages, R$ 3,300.00;
  • Be an informal worker and/or be a beneficiary of Bolsa FamĂ­lia.

These are the main requirements to receive Emergency Aid installments in 2021, completely different from last year, but understandable to the point of knowing that several people received them for other illegal purposes, or that they really didn’t need it, taking away the opportunity for other people to get the amounts deposited in their accounts.

How to consult the 6th installment?

To check if you are still eligible to receive the next installment that will be paid in September, simply access the DatePreventer all your personal information in the requested fields, as shown below:

  • CPF;
  • Full name;
  • Mother’s name, if the mother is unknown, tick the box;
  • Birth date;
  • Check the box and proceed to the next page.

When accessing the page with DataPrev data, it will be possible to see the analyzes carried out since the moment it began to receive the Emergency Aid amounts in 2021.

However, if for some reason DataPrev decided that there is some reason for not receiving the amount of the 6th installment, it must resort to this once it still meets all the required requirements.

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