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Consult FGTS by CPF: See how to check!

The FGTS is a benefit that every Brazilian with a formal contract is entitled to. But often it is not known how to consult this benefit and if you are entitled to it. And with the modernity of the internet, this information has become even easier to find in a way.

And nowadays it is possible to query these issues directly from your home, without any major bureaucracy involved.

What this article covers:

What is FGTS and how is it paid?

The FGTS is a fund that all workers have available with a formal contract. And it can be withdrawn upon resignation, purchase of a home or retirement. And it is one of the most popular benefits for those who need extra value and meet these three pre-established conditions.

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While this amount is not withdrawn, it is stored in a Caixa account, and is used by the government to finance various structures such as basic sanitation, among other things.

This benefit is paid directly through the Caixa application, or at an ATM if you prefer the old-fashioned way. And to get it, you must be within the three categories informed above.

Can I check my FGTS balance even without being able to withdraw?

Yes, there is the possibility of analyzing the amounts deposited in your FGTS without having to take it out. And this can be done through the FGTS application itself, and it helps you to know how your guarantee fund is doing.

To access this function, simply download the application on your cell phone, log in and look for the option to consult the amounts related to your fund.

There are several ways to consult your FGTS, but the easiest way is through the available application. And below you have the step by step on how to perform this query through the app:

  1. Download the free FGTS application
  2. On the home screen you must click on “First login”
  3. A contract will appear, read it and click accept
  4. On this screen you will provide your NIS number and continue
  5. Fill in the form presented with your data and continue
  6. Create a password and select register
  7. Ready! Now you can easily consult your FGTS through the application, in addition to other information.

Keep an eye out for possible app updates.

What other ways to check the FGTS balance?

For those who are not familiar with technology, Caixa offers a service that is free via SMS. And that way you keep part of all the amounts deposited in the fund and when it is released for withdrawal.

And to find out how to do this, just contact the number 0800 726 01 01. There you will find out how to proceed with this option.

The FGTS is an amount that can help a lot of people in times of crisis, or to finance a new house. So you should always be aware that the amounts are deposited correctly when consulting the informed options.

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