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Consuelo Duval reveals that she was close to dying in her most recent film with Adrián Uribe | VIDEO

the famous comedian consolation duval He has had a life full of ups and downs, and this time he opened his heart to confess that in his most recent project with Adrián Uribe he was very close to losing his life.

Just as you read it, Duval opened up and said that the chemistry she has had with Uribe since they were very young has been sensational, and now in her new film “Unhappily Ever After, the driver also suffered a spectacular accident that almost took away from her life.

According to the story issued by the person who gives life to “Federica Peluche” it was all due to the fact that, during filming, one of the scenes took place at sea.

And she wanted to go from a boat to the yacht where the production team was to go and touch up her makeup, without imagining that the bravery of the sea would do its thing causing her to fall between the two boats.

Being between the boat and the yacht, Consuelo Duval saw her life jeopardized since, due to the waves, both ships were crashing.

So when she saw that they were going to collide, her survival instinct made her sink deeper into the sea to later stick her head out and finally be helped by the film’s production team.

“My head was between the two, so what my protective instinct did was to sink, I sank as much as I could, I saw that the boats collided and I came out again and when I came out again my eyes were already dislocated, I had three hands that took me out of one because if I closed the contact between the boat and the yacht again then my body would already be crushed ”


In addition, the 54-year-old Mexican actress added that when she finally caught her breath he could see how the producer of the film that he leads with Adrián Uribe was very scared, in a corner of the yacht “on the verge of fainting”because he came to think that he was going to be left without a protagonist.

On the other hand, Consuelo Duval also spoke about the intimate scenes that she starred in with Adrián Uribe for the film titled “Unhappy forever”, highlighting that they were very well-cared for shots and that there were even occasions in which the kisses looked very acteds, this with everything and the fact that he has always “smooched” with the person who gives life to “El Vítor”.

“I felt very comfortable and with Adrián I have kissed all my life, now there was… No, well, you know what I mean, with Nacaranda and El Vítor and all the characters we have done”, Consuelo Duval pointed out after seeing the reaction of the reporters, who were surprised at the revelation to which Adrián Uribe echoed, noting: “It had to be said and it was said.”

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