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Consuelo Duval confesses that she has not had sexual relations for 8 years

During his participation in the television program divine net, The actress and comedian Consuelo Duval referred to the way in which—at the time—her father’s remarks made her change her perception of life once her ex-husband abandoned her, leaving him helpless with the two children they had.

“Just when my children’s father left and I was left alone, my father was kind enough to make me a comment that, I don’t know how to qualify it if misogynistic or so, but I know that it was the only thing he knew.
He looked at me with a lot of pity, but he told me ‘oh, mijita, I feel so sorry for you, because it’s going to be mad%$&… that someone loves you with two children because they are the constant reminder that you were with another men'”he recalled.

And from that moment Life changed for María del Consuelo Dussauge Calzada, the real name of the actress and comedian, who naively came to believe that she should thank men for getting close to her despite being a single mother.

“So, I bought it for him and every time someone loved me with two children, my attitude was one of gratitude, but my dad also told me ‘whoever loves the cabbage also loves the leaves aroundTotally, I was confused by his ideas… Today that he is gone, I already know what ideas I can send to the chin$%#… Today I know that my children are a gift”, he pointed.

However, the comment that made Paola Rojas, one of the hosts of divine netwas the fact that Of the 53 years of life that Consuelo Duval has, in the last eight she has not had sexual relations.

“Eight years? Not even when you toast without alcohol and they say: ‘it’s seven years without sex’, that is, you already have more”, mentioned the ex-wife of today’s soccer analyst, Luis Roberto Alves, “Zague”.

For his part, Daniela Magún, co-host of the program, mocked the comedian by pointing out that she is about to become a virgin again due to the time that she has not been intimate.

However, Consuelo Duval made it clear that there is no need, which unleashed the laughter of all the staff gathered on the set where the program is recorded.

The truth is Since 2013, when her romantic relationship with the film director Armando Ciurana ended, after six years, the comedian has not known any other formal couple.

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