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Constructoras SP Construction Prices Own Material

Looking to know more about construction company prices in Sao Paulo 🇧🇷 You must be thinking that there are thousands of construction companies, so where can you find one that works with its own material and has popular, low or even affordable prices for building your own home? Follow this article and learn more about Construtora.

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Constructoras SP Construction Prices Own Material

The Construtora works in the construction of properties with its own material in addition to the labor that is already included in the budget of its project. It has highly trained professionals, if you don’t understand much about construction you can rest assured that you will have a great follow-up from the beginning of the negotiations until the end of the work. If you live in São Paulo Capital (south, east, north) or even in the interior, you can contact this builder to negotiate the construction of your house the way you always wanted with low prices. If you live in regions close to mine like Embu, Cotia, Taboão da Serra or Itapecerica da Serra, you can also count on the construction company.

Interested, isn’t it? We know that to build a house is a relatively high investment so it is not with any builder that we are going to leave our money. The construction company is very responsible in terms of design, construction and without forgetting safety. Then see some examples of house prices in SP from Construtora.

Prices of Home Builders in SP

Echo1 – One 120 m² house in which it has 3 bedrooms with 1 suite, living room, with two environments, option of American kitchen, laundry, social bathroom and ecological slab (system in which it uses tiles and resources that allow the capture of light making your home more airy). Price from BRL 91,200.00🇧🇷

Eco 2 – (Ecological Roof) – See this price example, a conventional house of 120 M2 ready to move in, this house with 3 bedrooms, with a suite, social bathroom, living room with two environments, American kitchen, laundry and pantry, if you want you can opt for double right foot. This complete project comes out by BRL 101,499.00🇧🇷 (House of 120m²)

Another good option is this house with 120 m², which has a suite, social bathroom, living room with two environments, American kitchen in addition to the laundry room and roof with ecological tile. Complete house by Egologikka in the conventional masonry system with prices from BRL 141,299.00🇧🇷

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