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Construcard Caixa 2022 simulator | Cash Financing

Construcard simulator Caixa is a financing offered by the agency so that its customers can build their own home and the service provides construction materials for a cheaper price and facilitates the payment of products that are divided into installments and the best thing is that the interest added is minimal and customers have up to six months to pay off the loan.

The Construcard Simulator is also an excellent alternative for those who want to renovate their home and thus obtain the necessary amount to be able to make changes to the property.

Another advantage of the service is the personalized card, a financial resource made available by Caixa to obtain discounts on purchases in stores that partner with the bank.

What this article covers:

How to hire the Construcard Card?

To hire Construcard, follow the steps:

  • Present the necessary documentation – see below – at a Caixa Branch. Your data will be used as a basis for conducting the cadastral survey and for analyzing credit risk.
  • Sign the contract after the financing is approved. You can choose to receive your Construcard Card at the branch or at your home.
  • With the card in hand, unblock it and start using your Construcard card from the day after you hire it. Thus, you will be able to buy construction material in the chosen period, which can be up to 6 months after release. During this period, you will only pay interest proportional to the amount used.
  • Attention: the Construcard Card expires in 6 months. Therefore, if you have the credit released and you don’t use it during this period, the card will expire and you will have to go through the whole process again to get a new card.

How to use the Construcard Card?

As already mentioned, the Construcard Card can be used to purchase construction materials. That is the main purpose of this credit.

It is also possible to use it in the acquisition of tiles, bricks, floors, tiles, windows, paints and brushes. In addition, the credit was recently expanded, also allowing the purchase of water tanks, swimming pools and planned furniture, as well as a photovoltaic energy and lighting system.

What is the Construcard credit limit?

Regarding the credit limit released by Caixa Econômica Federal for Construcard, it can vary from a minimum of R$1,000.00, to a maximum of R$180,000.00. The interest rate on the card also varies, between 1.40% to 1.85% per month.

Remember to confirm with the agency the fees that must be paid.

Who can apply for this type of funding?

It is important to point out that the financing through Construcard is available to individuals who are account holders of the bank. However, the owner of the land or property may not necessarily apply for Construcard Caixa.

Construcard: Is it possible to use the FGTS?

Keep in mind that FGTS can be used as part of the payment in a mortgage. It can also be used to build a house.

However, it is not possible to use its values ​​to pay off debts with the Construcard Card.

This is because, despite the bank controlling these lines, the financing is different.

Deadline for payment

For customers who present real guarantees for the loan operation, which can be either the sale of a property or the guarantee of a financial investment, the deadline for payment of Construcard installments until the financing is paid off can reach 240 months. That is, 20 years.

How to use the Construcard Simulator

Customers have 54 months to pay the financing, facilitating and influencing so that more customers can take advantage of this resource and the installments will be debited from their current account.

In order for you to hire the service and make a simulated Construcard loan it is necessary that you go to a Caixa branch and obtain all the necessary information, then present the documentation and you can sign the contract, but of course after doing a careful reading the conditions proposed in the contract.

This is the best opportunity you could choose to renovate your home and leave it the way you always dreamed of.

Construcard Simulator – Use Online

To find out the value of your housing loan, whether for construction or renovation, you can use the box simulator🇧🇷 The simulation performs calculations taking into account the value of the property and the type of financing desired.

After the simulator is used, you will have a real value of how much you will spend and pay monthly to be able to leave your home as you always dreamed. So open your Caixa account and have a world of advantages in your life.

This type of financing is the best and most economical method offered by Caixa for its customers to finish their house or build a new one, so don’t leave it for tomorrow, take advantage of the climate that can favor civil construction and get your house ready for next season, taking advantage of the advantages that Caixa offers you.

Construcard Caixa 2022 simulator

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