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Connectivity cannot be measured by the number of cell phones • ENTER.CO

“Access to connectivity is not measured in the number of cell phones,” said President Petro during the opening of Andicom 2022, which is being held in Cartagena.

During this event, which is the largest display of technology, innovation and digital transformation in Colombia, the President announced his “Social Connectivity Plan”. A commitment to bring the Internet to all corners of the country with a view to reducing the digital divide.

For this reason, he criticized the models with which connectivity in Colombia has been mediated until now. In particular, when considering the number of cell phones, therefore, he said that “there is no equity in access to connectivity.” Gustavo Petro’s main plan for the ICT sector consists of the implementation of social connectivity “with digital literacy, digitization of the State and the economy.”

The President said that previous plans were insufficient. “Putting the spectrum up for auction, selling portions and asking for compensation to bring the internet to unprofitable areas, has not been enough,” he said. For this reason, Colombia continues to be the average country in terms of connectivity.

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The bet to be able to bring fiber optics to a greater number of homes in Colombia is simple. The goal is that the poorest farmers in the Caribbean, Chocó and the Jungles can open up to new technologies. He believes that only in this way “will it be possible to make Colombia a society of knowledge and peace.”

The Social Connectivity Plan will be based on fiber optics and how to take it to all corners of the country. A deployment of connectivity infrastructure must be made. This will include the placement of fiber optics through the nation’s tertiary roads. In this way, “quality connectivity could be brought to almost all regions,” he stressed, and for this he said that joint work and coordination between public and private resources in Colombia will be required.

Image: Presidency

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