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Conflict between Taiwan and China could delay the iPhone 14 • ENTER.CO

After Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taiwan, tensions between the island, China and the United States continue to rise. But Apple does not want to be part of the firewood that is lighting the fire between the countries, for this reason, it made a peculiar request to its chipmaker for the iPhone 14, Taiwan-based Foxconn.

Apple has warned its suppliers that China is enforcing customs regulation that may lead to the rejection of import and export applications. Given this, the company does not intend to anger China, so they have asked their manufacturer to change the labeling of the chips. Until now, it reads in the components ‘Made in Taiwan’ (Made in Taiwan); it should now be labeled ‘Taiwan, China’ or ‘Chinese Taipei’, as requested by China.

And it is that China is one of the most important target audiences of the apple company, so it is not convenient to lose users due to a conflict between countries. However, 9t05mac points out that Apple is starting production of the iPhone 14 simultaneously in China and India. If this is true, it will be the first time a new iPhone has been manufactured in India. Now, it is said that both decisions made at the last minute by the company could jeopardize the launch of the cell phone.

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Recall that users are waiting for the release of the phone in September of this year. Now, realistically, if millions of phones need to be relabeled and shipped (again) it may take longer than expected. In addition, a Taiwanese report also revealed by 9to5mac, maintains that Apple asked its suppliers to increase from 90 million phones to 95 million. A 5% that, without a doubt, can also generate delays in manufacturing, assembly and delivery.

Also, what is intriguing is that although the phone market is in a slow period, Apple continues to buck the trend. This is demonstrated by the 5% increase in the equipment that will be manufactured for the iPhone 14. For its part, the company has not commented, but we hope that the iPhone 14 can see the light of day before the end of the year 2022 .

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