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Confirmed! HBO Max will disappear in a new brand • ENTER.CO

Warner confirms that the HBO Max service will merge with Discovery + in 2023 in the case of Latin America.

The week is not over and we already have confirmation of several rumors that were circulating. Warner Bros. has confirmed its plans to merge HBO Max and Discovery+.

The company presented this Thursday, August 4, its plan to merge both services. The first thing is that both streaming services will merge into a new brand that still has no name. This also means that this new service will have a new name and that HBO Max as a brand will disappear.

What will happen to HBO Max Latin America?

The question we ask ourselves on this side of the hemisphere is what will happen to HBO Max then. After all, we don’t have Discovery+ in our region.

The first thing the new plan tells us is that they plan for the transition to be completed in the third quarter of 2023 for our region. There is no more exact window, although we will be the second region after the United States to have this new service.

Does this mean that the price of the new service will increase? It depends on the amount of additional content that arrives and the strategy for these markets. The biggest problem is for those people who have annual plans and who would have to adjust their subscription to the new service.

A cheaper model with ads

In case you forgot, HBO Max in Latin America has a cheaper model that only works for mobile devices and one account. In other regions such as the United States, it has a model with ads.

Part of the announcement includes having different subscription types (for example, to access sports), but also having a subscription level with no ads, one with few ads and one with ads. The details of its implementation have not been confirmed.

HBO Max was barely a year after landing in Latin America.

Images: Warner Media

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