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Configure Microsoft Edge Paste behavior when copying URLs from the address bar

Sometimes you may want to share a URL with another person or copy a URL to use in another system application. I regularly copy URLs as part of articles, as links give readers options to find additional information and resources on the topic at hand.

When you copy the address from the Microsoft Edge address bar in recent versions of the browser, including the latest stable version, and then paste it into another program that supports rich formatting, you will notice that the content is pasted as a link and not as Text. without format.

Microsoft changed the behavior of the copy and paste action recently in the company’s browser, stating that it is an improved version of the copy and paste function.

The switch is active by default, but there are options to switch to the previous paste option temporarily or permanently.

paste border as plain text

Here are the temporary paste options:

  1. Once you’ve copied the address bar link to the Clipboard and are ready to paste the content, right-click in Edge and select Paste As > Plain Text. Sometimes. Paste as plain text may appear in the main menu and not in the “Paste As” submenu.
  2. Instead of using the mouse, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-V to paste as plain text

Advice: The option works for all types of links and rich content, not just address bar links. You can select the paste as plain text option to do just that, even for other content, such as rich-formatted text.

Some browsers and applications, Firefox for example, also support pasting as plain text. Just use the Ctrl-Shift-V shortcut for that.

Change Microsoft Edge paste behavior permanently

microsoft edge paste behavior

You can also return to status quo if you prefer to set the default paste action to plain text.

  1. Load edge://settings/shareCopyPaste in the browser address bar to open Share Copy Paste preferences.
  2. The two available options are displayed. Simply switch to the one you prefer. To restore the classic paste option, select “plain text” with a click or tap.

The change is applied immediately when you make it in the preferences.

Microsoft notes that you get the reverse option when you select the Paste As action from the context menu. I didn’t get it every time during testing, but it may depend on the text field you want to paste the link into.

Now you: What is your preferred default option when it comes to copy and paste?

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