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Confidence in TUC Vocational School remains high

Last week, the annual announcement came from the Authority for the University of Applied Sciences about which applied programs may start in the coming years. For the TUC Vocational College, this meant a total of 2158 training places. Of these, 420 places were in the area of ​​technology and manufacturing.

Among the courses are Solar Technician and Electrical Engineer, which are already conducted under TUC’s auspices. New for this year is that Elkonstruktör is entering a new location at the start of autumn in Skellefteå. 3 training courses that are completely new to TUC were also granted, Automation engineer in operation and service, CAD designer in mechanics and IoT projector wireless networks. All courses are planned to start in the autumn semester 2023.

– We are very happy about the announcement. Our goal is that our courses should support local working life with the right and up-to-date skills. TUC University of Applied Sciences develops training where there is a need and in close dialogue with companies, regardless of industry. Without a committed working life, this would not have been possible. The granting of our training courses is proof that we have listened to the companies’ needs, says Feven Tesfai, business development officer TUC.

In order for an application to be granted by the Authority, the industry’s demand for competence is crucial. The granted educations are the results of good collaborations between the TUC University of Applied Sciences and cooperating companies that together were able to create educations that are in line with what the labor market demands.

– Automation and digitization are key words in production today and necessary for continued development in order for Swedish industry to be competitive. This is a skill where the need is great and we are very satisfied with the collaboration with the TUC. We hope that the training will be able to contribute to us being able to recruit the necessary skills, says Matts Spångberg, Branch Manager, Technology Companies’ Branch Groups (TEBAB)

– The Electrical Engineer training is important for our region. It has paid off that we have worked closely with the TUC to get the training. The TUC has been responsive in working with us and the companies. We are very positive that the training has been granted, says Martin Bergvall, Association Manager, Municipal Association Partnership Inland Academy North.

TUC University of Applied Sciences is one of the country’s largest organizers of university of applied sciences courses that conduct business in ten municipalities; Linköping, Tranås, Stockholm, Jönköping, Motala, Västervik, Lidköping, Helsingborg, Norrtälje and Skellefteå.

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