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Computer vision should make electric scooters safer

Earlier this week, the electric scooter company Lime presented new technical solutions for safety. With the help of computer vision and AI, the new technology can limit both pavement driving and incorrect parking.

During an event in Paris, it was revealed that the technology will be tested in a number of cities globally, including in Stockholm this autumn.

First to be presented was Lime’s advanced pavement recognition system. With the help of cameras and AI, the electric scooters will be able to detect if they are riding on a road or pavement. In the case of unauthorized pavement driving, the speed will be automatically slowed down to prevent accidents.

The technology for Lime vision is proprietary, which means that hardware and software have been integrated in the best possible way. Lime vision requires a waterproof camera, an AI chip and a CPU.

In addition to the presentation of Lime Vision, Lime has also developed an improved reaction test to prevent intoxicated users from using electric scooters. The test will be required for all users late at night, and if it is not passed, the electric scooter will not be able to be unlocked.

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