Comodo Cloud Scanner – NETWORK MANAGEMENT

To update: Comodo has discontinued the standalone Cloud Scanner product and integrated it into the company’s Internet security application.

Moving virus definitions and other core files to the cloud appears to be one of the latest trends in the software security industry.

The benefit of this approach is that it is easier, faster, and more reliable to update data for all users using the product, as opposed to the previous way that only updated user software if the user downloaded the new files and information. .

The downside is that the program won’t work properly or even on devices without an Internet connection.

Comodo Cloud Scanner appears to be a relatively new product from Comodo. It combines malware scanning with checks for privacy issues, registry errors, and junk file removal.

The program will find thousands of problems that can generally be attributed to temporary files that are reported as privacy issues or junk files.

One of the biggest disappointments becomes apparent after the review is complete. There is no way to solve problems immediately. That’s how it is. The only action that can be taken is to click the Help me clean up my PC button, which will display a message to install Live PC Support on the computer system.

Live PC is apparently a Comodo service that starts at $19.00 for a one-time query or $49.00 for a yearly subscription. Included in the service are

  • virus diagnosis
  • virus removal
  • PC tuning
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Email account setup
  • Software installation
  • Printer settings
  • Printer troubleshooting
  • green pc
  • Computer Troubleshooting

The main question here is whether anyone needs this service at its current stage. The answer should be no, unless you prefer to talk to a technician who can walk you through the steps to clean your computer system.

Since there’s no way to judge support without subscribing, it’s unclear how good the advice really is.

There are programs that can perform similar system diagnostics from the excellent CCleaner to free antivirus software like AVG.

It is still possible to download a copy of the withdrawn program from software download sites, but it makes little sense since it will no longer function properly.

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