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Community’s movie is close to becoming a reality • ENTER.CO

Six seasons and a movie? Allison Brie gives us hope by saying there are “real conversations” about a Community film

Six seasons and one movie. Any self-respecting Community fan knows this phrase by heart. What started out as a joke in one episode has become the mantra for many people waiting for the promise of the return of their favorite study group. Of course, rumors about the production of this film have been part of the ‘myth’ of the show.

But it seems that the Community movie is getting closer to being a reality.

In an interview for WrapWommen’s podcast UnWrapped, Alison Brie (who played Annie Eddison until the end of the show) again answered the question, “Is there a Community movie in the works?” and her response was quite positive, confirming that real conversations about the project are happening this time:

“You know what, I’ll say it. There has been movement. There have been some conversations. People are talking and certain things are happening, the wheels are turning. I said! I’m saying there are legitimate conversations going on. Whether or not they ever make it into an actual movie, I’d love for them to, and hope they do. But just the fact that real conversations are happening is, I think, the most progress we’ve made on that front.”

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Of course, the biggest problem has always been getting the cast together, considering most of them are focused on their own projects. Danny Glover (Troy Barnes), Joel McHale (Jeff Winger), Danny Pudi (Abed Nadir), Gillian Jacobs (Britta Perry), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennet) have been busy with their personal projects. Perhaps the biggest challenge is being able to count on the participation and approval of Dan Harmon, creator of Community, who is currently focused on Rick and Morty, as well as other animated projects.

Of course, one question is where this movie would end up. The obvious answer is that it will be a streaming film. Considering that Netflix is ​​the current home of the Community, it makes sense that this would be the film’s fate, but Harmon is also working on several projects with Warner Media, so HBO Max wouldn’t be an insane place to end the film either. .

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