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Common sense and etiquette – here are 6 job rules you should be aware of

Some things to deal with at work may seem obvious, some we should be reminded of. In order to contribute to a wonderful atmosphere in your workplace, you should be aware of these six important common sense and etiquette rules.

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Small things can actually make a big difference at work and there are certain things you can think about to contribute to a better atmosphere. Setting a good example will hopefully inspire your colleagues to stick to the rules of common sense and etiquette. As the famous saying goes: if you want to change the world, start with yourself!

1. Do not engage in gossip

Is there anything worse than gossip in a workplace? Rumors and gossip contribute to an uncomfortable and stiff atmosphere, and the person being gossiped about often notices this. No one should have to be in such a situation – what if you yourself were the person your colleagues gossiped about? The best thing you can do is to ignore such conversations or tell the others that it is unnecessary to speculate about others. You will feel so much more professional at work!

2. Not everyone has to be your best friend

In life we ​​will meet people who have different opinions than ourselves and sometimes our personalities clash with others’. That’s totally fine! You don’t have to become best friends with everyone you meet, but it is important to remain professional and maintain a good tone towards your colleagues. If a problem arises, it may be better to talk to your manager instead of taking matters into your own hands.

3. Be a helping hand (if you can!)

Working in a team where you both give and take is wonderful. Be sure to help your colleagues and if you see someone struggling and looking stressed it might be appreciated to take a minute and ask how your colleague is doing. Of course, you shouldn’t take on other people’s tasks if you yourself have a pile waiting (so that it affects your well-being), but you always have time to ask how someone is doing!

4. Give full attention

If you are in the middle of something and a colleague comes by your table to talk, it can be difficult to take in what the person is saying. You try to listen, maybe you stare directly at the person and agree, but really your thoughts are elsewhere. Give the person who sought you out your full attention, if it feels impossible at the moment, you can ask to come by later when you have finished your task.

5. Spread positivity

We have all experienced a bad day and how wonderful is it when a colleague comes to your rescue and lightens the mood? A positive vibe can lift anyone up – even someone having a really bad day! Spread the positivity you want to see yourself and you will see that there will be a fantastic atmosphere in the office.

6. Always talk to the newcomer

We all know how it feels to be new in the office and therefore we should court the newcomer a little extra. Making someone feel included can be saying hello, exchanging a few words at the coffee machine or asking if the person wants to have lunch together.

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