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Common mistakes when designing the kitchen

The kitchen is considered one of the most functional spaces in the house. This is where residents prepare meals, store food and perform most of their household chores. In recent times, the kitchen has turned out to be the extension of the living room after all, it has become a living space.

The kitchen requires good planning to be functional. (Photo: Disclosure)

At the time to plan the kitchen, some care needs to be taken, as mistakes can be made easily. Before construction or renovation, fundamental issues must be analyzed, such as lighting and ventilation. It is also important that the environment matches the needs of the residents and the structure of the house.

What this article covers:

Mistakes in kitchen planning

Some inappropriate measures can cause inconvenience and damage. Check out the following main mistakes made when planning the kitchen🇧🇷

break down walls
American cuisine, which values ​​the integration of environments, is one of the main architectural trends. Many residents decide to tear down the walls to integrate the areas, but the plan does not always work. The structure of the house may not support the change and the integration can also be visually disturbing if the residents are disorganized.

Inadequate lighting
There is nothing more unpleasant in a home than a dark kitchen. This environment requires clarity to ensure visual comfort and convey the feeling of cleanliness. To optimize lighting, the kitchen cannot have dark walls or yellowish light. The ideal is to work with a light painting and white lamp.

The kitchen needs to be clear, that is, no dark walls. (Photo: Disclosure)

American kitchen without hood
The hood is essential to maintain the well-being of the residents, after all, it prevents the smoke and odor from the kitchen from spreading throughout the house.

Living room decor very different from the American kitchen
When the kitchen and living room are integrated, the decor needs to be thought of together. The colors and compositions must seek to maintain an aesthetic harmony.

Small kitchen with island
The island is an element that makes the kitchen more sophisticated and comfortable, however, it only combines with large environments. It is important that there is a free area for the circulation of residents, positioning of furniture and appliances.

Appliances side by side
Placing appliances next to each other is not ideal for busy kitchens. The best option is to make a triangle, leaving the refrigerator and stove on opposite sides next to the sink.

Too many items in too little space
If the kitchen is small, there is no point in wanting to put a duplex refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, among other items that take up space and make the environment cramped. Residents must prioritize household appliances essential for the functioning of the kitchen.

American cuisine requires even more care in planning. (Photo: Disclosure)

lack of sockets
Sockets must be installed according to the arrangement of appliances.

Tall cabinets for short dwellers
The height of the residents influences the kitchen design, after all, the cabinets cannot be installed high on the wall if it is not possible to reach them.

slippery floors
The kitchen is an environment that lives with humidity, so smooth floors do not work well. Ideally, choose a non-slip coating that is easy to clean.

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