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Comfortable and stylish on the flight – 25 perfect garments for the trip

Few things make a flight as uncomfortable as tight, tight clothing. We have collected 25 stylish and comfortable garments that will make your trip infinitely more comfortable – from sweatshirts to sweatpants and accessories.

Photo: Instagram @josefinehj

Tight clothes are never recommended during air travel – our bodies tend to swell when we are high up in the air, so it is best to invest in loose-fitting clothes that favor blood circulation.

For those of you who are going out and flying, we recommend the following formula that allows you to keep both style and comfort at their peak during the trip:

  • A comfortable sweatshirt or other loose-fitting shirt, preferably in a comfortable material. A polo shirt always looks stylish!
  • A pair of comfortable trousers is an absolute must. Why not pick up extra style points with a pair of trendy wide trousers?
  • A stylish shawl or scarf lifts the look and is also easy to take off or put on when the temperature changes.

Check out our selected favorites for the flight below!

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