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Comet K2 approaches Earth: what will be its effects according to astrologers

Comet K2, observed for the first time in 2017, will spend the night of this Thursday, July 14, “close” to Earth and although it will not be seen with the naked eye, only with powerful binoculars and telescopes, astrologers say that its effects can be felt on us.

This celestial body caused a stir in the scientific community for being one of the most distant meteors ever detected and whose orbit enters the Solar System, so it is not surprising that it has also aroused the interest of astrology.

Comets, symbolizing place, time and liberationThey invite us to change our perspective by getting rid of old toxic aspects rooted in our culture, psyche and energy; K2 is no exception, astrologer Rachel Lang told Well And Good.

The expert commented that the effects of this cosmic body can be felt more strongly next December when it reaches its perihelion (the closest point to the Sun), however, we will begin to notice its energy from tonight when it is relatively close to our planet.

Astrological Effects of Comet K2

Comet K2’s energy is intense and according to astrologers, is what we need to rush towards positive changes, that is, to free up space to receive wisdom and knowledge that will be helpful in our personal and social transformation.

This meteor’s energetic punch will be stronger because its approach coincides with the full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, Lang added.

The zodiac sign that will feel its effects the most will be Sagittarius because K2 is closest to this constellation. If your Sun Sign or Rising is the Archer, you may feel inspired to take drastic measures in situations where you remain stuck.

In conclusion, comet K2 will offer us the answers we need to open a new chapterthat although it will be intense, the transformation that we will experience will be for the better.

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