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combo! Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui arrive at Fall Guys • ENTER.CO

Have you already fallen (100% intentional joke) from the three of Fall Guys? Since the game moved to its new free model, it is much more common to see a stream full of beans or people showing off the new skins they got. And it is that the game is taking the Fortnite route and making alliances with different franchises to bring new cosmetic elements.

The most recent is the announcement of Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui costumes. The two legends from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters (an excellent story, worth telling another day) will be available as cosmetic items starting August 4th. The clarification, of course, is that these cosmetic elements will not be available in the traditional way, but will be available in a paid package or individually… so it is best that you prepare your wallet if you want to join the fight.

Fall Guys… is falling in the wrong place

The announcement of the new pack is also the perfect time to talk about the biggest danger in the current game. That Fall Guys is free is perfect for this type of game and, without a doubt, it meant an initial boom in its first weeks of release.

The problem is that their current season pass system isn’t… very optimal.

Back when it was paid, the biggest motivation to play was to be able to access the cosmetic items in the game, the vast majority of which could be grinded through hours of play and lots of crowns.

However, with the jump to the free to play model, Fortnite closed many of its cosmetic elements behind real money, especially those that are part of collaborations with these franchises. This isn’t really a problem, if the rewards for playing frequently were to make up for this, but even the number of current events and the model their season pass offers seem to have very little reason for people to play more than a couple of days. before losing motivation (especially if they just play without investing real money).

Images: Epic Games

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