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Colorful wallpapers for decoration

You colorful wallpapers for decoration are transforming the look of residential environments. They manage to end the monotony of a room, providing a new experience of textures and colors.

Colorful wallpapers for decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Although it has gained more prominence in recent years, wallpaper is not a new product in the decoration area. It began to be applied in 1481, in the most chic houses in Europe, as a true indicator of status. Today, it is an affordable resource and ensures more quality in the finish.

there are countless wallpaper templates, which are distinguished with regard to material, print and colors. When choosing a product, it is important to consider the other elements that make up the environment, such as furniture and textiles. The style of decoration is also a point worth noting.

THE decoration with wallpaper it is charming, comfortable and cozy. You can use the material to cover all the walls or choose just one, creating a kind of panel with print and color. All rooms in the house match this type of finish, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and entrance hall.

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What this article covers:

Colorful wallpapers for decoration

Super colorful floral. (Photo: Disclosure)

You colorful wallpapers for decoration they can be used in different ways and are perfect for changing the face of your home environments. Check out:


If you want to leave an environment with a romantic style, then you should bet on wallpaper with a floral print. This pattern is perfect for the bedroom or living room.


Psychedelic wallpaper combines several colors and designs in the same composition. If you want to leave a happy and energetic environment, this is the right choice.

Colorful polka dots brighten up the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)


The colorful polka dots, also known as polka dots, leave the wall and childish. Set a home wall to gain this amazing color finish.


Striped is a great tip for colored wallpaper. This print leaves the environment with a modern air, in addition to reducing or expanding the space.

How to apply wallpaper?

apply wallpaper seems too complicated for you? Then watch the video below and follow the step by step:

Photos of colorful wallpapers for decoration

Where to buy colored wallpaper?

Here are some suggestions for stores to buy colored wallpaper:

🇧🇷 mobile

🇧🇷 70’s Wallpaper

🇧🇷 Wallpapers and Wallpapers

🇧🇷 Etna

Choose one of the many options of colorful wallpapers for decoration and make your home happier.

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