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Colorful decor for your home

When choosing a colorful home decor you need to know how colors work in relation to the feeling of each one in that environment. One can also take into account the colors chosen by each brand of paint as the color of the year, that is, those that are among the trends of 2015. It is also important to know what style your decoration is, which can be: clean, retro, Provencal, romantic, minimalist, modern, among others.

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The sofa has the Indigo Blue color, which is among the trends of 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

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Colorful decor for your home

Colors have the power to transform the mood of an environment and that is why choosing colors for the walls of your home must be an important moment. To help consumers choose when making a colorful home decorthe companies that manufacture the best-known paints, carry out trend studies in several areas to publicize the colors of the year 2015.

Mixing colors can be done in many ways.

Cedar Shadow – . It is possible to use the Sombra de Cedro tone indoors and outdoors and even combine it with soft nuances and pastel tones.

It is possible to mix colors in any piece.

Fuchsia – Fuchsia brings sophistication, joy and youthfulness to environments. It is recommended to use the shade in environments with little permanence, such as entrance halls, dining rooms and washrooms. In bedrooms and living rooms, for example, it is more appropriate to use it only on one wall, coordinating with more neutral tones.

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Fuchsia is increasingly present in current decorations (Photo: Disclosure)

Índigo Blue – The Indigo Blue color is very suitable for offices, living rooms and even entrance halls.

The colorful decor fits all styles (Photo: Disclosure)

You can mix prints with colors.

Azul Vesper – It can be used in different environments of the house, mainly in bedrooms or living rooms. It is worth combining the color with other more neutral options, such as beige, white and gray.

Yellow and blue are a great combination.

Marsala – A closed reddish-brown tone that refers to elegance, to mark 2015. According to the company, it is possible to combine it with earthy and neutral tones.

The sofa has the Indigo Blue color, which is among the trends of 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

Coral Reef – Sherwin-Williams chose Coral Reef to give personality to homes in 2015. The tone has nuances of pink, orange and red – the ideal composition to bring freshness to environments. To guarantee harmony to the projects, the brand recommends combining it with other, more neutral shades.

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White can be a great alternative for not getting too much color mix (Photo: Disclosure)

Meanings of colors in decoration

Choose which colors best match what you want for each environment (Photo: Disclosure)

When setting up a colorful home decortake into account the meaning of each color:

  • Lilac – It is directly associated with intuition. As it calms and snuggles, it is ideal for resting places.
  • Red – Color of fire, emotions, and sex. In some cases, it can cause irritation.
  • Green – On the border between hot and cold, it represents hope. Stimulates silence and helps soften stress.

Bet on colors without fear (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Yellow – Joy and fun. Activates reasoning and communication; so it’s great for spaces that depend on brain activity, such as study or work places.
  • Blue – Softens moods and helps to maintain patience. Stronger tones lead to introspection.
  • White – Symbol of peace and purity, it gives the feeling of cleanliness, but an all-white environment is dull.

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