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Colorful decor for small rooms

Learn to ride one colorful decor for small rooms, in order to make the living area of ​​the house more cheerful, receptive and fun. You can escape the monotony of white and combine different colors in the layout, with creativity and good taste.

Colorful decor for small rooms. (Ilustrative Photo)

The living room stands out as one of the most important rooms in the house. It is in this room that people gather to talk, watch TV or even receive visitors. When room space is limited, it’s worth thinking about ways to plan smart and cozy decor.

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For a long time, a myth was created that only light and neutral colors matched the small room. However, over the years and the emergence of new trends, it was realized that it is possible to assemble a colorful and cheerful decoration even with limited dimensions, capable of reflecting personality traits of the residents.

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Colorful decor for small rooms

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Bet on colorful pillows

If you are afraid to bet on colorful furniture, then try to include color points in the environment through the pillows. These colorful and printed pieces are responsible for giving the sofa and armchairs a more daring and personality-filled decoration.

Believe in the power of accessories

Take advantage of accessories.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Take advantage of accessories. (Ilustrative Photo)

Other accessories are also responsible for adding a colorful effect to the decoration of the small room, such as lamps, curtains, decorative vases, rugs, picture frames and ornaments that decorate the furniture.

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Explore colors through furniture

Residents who are not so afraid to dare in combinations can bet on colorful furniture, that is, they bet on vibrant and cheerful colors, such as yellow, orange, red and royal blue. Many old furniture items are renovated and given a colorful painting to decorate the living room with pure style.

Invest in frames and posters

When it comes to a small living room, you need to know how to take advantage of the vertical space. It is worth placing some pictures or posters on the walls, as long as the drawings harmonize with the decoration style of the environment.

Turn the wall into a panel

The wall can turn into a panel when painted in another color.  (Ilustrative Photo)

The wall can turn into a panel when painted in another color. (Ilustrative Photo)

Choose one of the walls to paint it a different color and create a kind of panel. You can also work with some kind of texture to make the finish even prettier.

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Following the tips of colorful decoration for small room, the living space of your home will never go unnoticed. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles on interior design.

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