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Colorful cubes in decoration

Who wants to leave residential decoration more cheerful and relaxed, you can bet on colored cubes🇧🇷 These pieces are new on the market, but are already popular with residents who want to create a modern aesthetic for their home.

The colored cubes make the house more cheerful and modern. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorative cubes were created to replace or complement traditional shelves. They offer more space to store objects and also optimize the display of items in a space.

With houses getting smaller, cubes are gaining more space in decoration. The pieces help to take advantage of the vertical area and, many times, do not require the purchase of a conventional shelf.

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What this article covers:

Colored cubes in decoration: tips

Check it out below tips for decorating the house with colored cubes🇧🇷

• The colored cubes can appear in different environments of the house, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, home office and entrance hall;

• The parts, when well positioned, facilitate the room organization;

• The colored cubes are capable of making the decoration more dynamic, that is, they end up with the sobriety of the neutral colors;

• The cubes add points of color to the space, so it is able to make the decorated area more alive;

• The colored cubes, when placed side by side or stacked, can be used for the construction of a mobileas is the case with the shelf in the living room;

The decorative cubes contribute to an original decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Through the cubes, the resident can create a modern piece of furniture with an irregular design;

• The wall where the cubes will be installed can adopt a different and contrasting color. In this way, the leaked pieces will leave the composition with a special touch;

• O decorative cube it can also be a closed module, if the intention is to hide the mess;

• At the children’s roomthe colored cubes leave the environment with a more playful and fun atmosphere;

• The colored cube without a door is ideal for displaying decorative items or collectibles;

• Depending on the model, the decorative cube may contain more than one compartment.

Where to buy colored cubes?

Color cubes can be found for sale at KD Stores. The parts belong to Made Marcs brand and are available in yellow, grape and white. Niches are marketed individually or together. The Complete brand also has some cube options at KD Stores, mainly for a baby’s room.

Made Marcs yellow cube. (Photo: Disclosure)

colored cubes prices

see the colored cubes prices at KD Stores:

– Niche Adapte Yellow Made Marcs for R$ 161.86.

– Niche Adapte Grape Made Marcs for R$ 180.05.

– Niche for Complete Blue Wall for R$ 67.06.

Visit the KD Stores website for buy the colored cubes🇧🇷

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